The marketing strategies and plans of many organizations changed radically with the arrival of the pandemic generated by COVID-19. Some have adapted to the context and others are still restructuring their plan. The truth is that habits, lifestyle and the ways in which customers buy have also been transformed. All this panorama led company leaders to implement new methodologies to increase sales, maintain existing customers and capture new audiences. Some organizations, regardless of their size, chose to work under a methodology that allowed them to understand the market and develop proposals according to the purposes of their users. From Impulse, we have asked ourselves how to solve those pains.

Where we want to reinforce the idea that it does not matter if you have the best hacks , the most innovative technology and, perhaps, the best sales team because if you do not have an established methodology, you will hardly be able to obtain predictable results. scalable and measurable. With the Revenue Growth System methodology Mexico Phone Number we implement in our business, it is possible to increase the conversion of leads in your sales plan for next year. Did you know that many companies tend to focus their strategy on those prospects who are ready to buy their product or service and that this amount represents only 3%? Well, it turns out that with this methodology it is possible to get the remaining 97% of customers to go to the active purchase phase in the shortest possible time. How does it work?

It Is Precisely In This Context

The first question we asked ourselves before starting this process was: how to make a synergy between marketing and sales so that our business scales progressively? And it was there that we understood that it is not just about running the business on a day-to-day basis, but about growing in it! Thinking about this and solving the pains and desires of customers to generate value, we work under the Revenue Growth System methodology. It works under a circular flow where we attract, educate, advise and excite users until they become customers and generate real income. Attract: at this stage we capture the attention of our ideal buyer person, through content that is of interest to them. Educate : here we want users to enter a purchase consideration phase.

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Advice: This is not about making a high pressure sale. On the contrary, at this stage we need to understand the market and also the fears, hopes and dreams of the prospects. Excite: this is where we can scale the business. How do I get a customer to buy from me for the first time and not just stay there? We need you to come back and, better yet, to recommend our brand. Revenue growth formula At this point in the Revenue Growth System. It is key to understand that the market does not pay you for having the best products or services. It rewards you for solving problems. In other words, this system generates value because it is focused on solving the pains and desires of your customers.

Under This Premise

Your focus should be on intimately understanding your market and your prospects’ deepest desires, pains, fears, hopes, and dreams. You need to know them better than any of your competitors, and then craft content that effectively communicates how. You can solve their problems throughout the buying cycle. Phases of the Revenue Growth System To. Generate more income, what we have done is align the marketing and sales teams throughout 8 phases that. I will explain to you in different posts on our blog. The important thing is to understand that the less friction there is between stage. Stage of the Revenue Growth System , the more customers and revenue will be generated: Phase 1. Identify your dream buyers Phase 2: Create a high-value content offer Phase.

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