With the privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, some difficulties have occurred for organizations to collect data from people who do not admit the tracking.

GA4 upgrade has some changes in terms of the privacy of users. For example, GA4 automatically anonymizes IP addresses, and it has a privacy consent mode to downshift the effects of GDPR.

This mode will help you to report content, conversions, and attribution even if you can not reach the users and can not directly identify them.

By this conversion model, GA4 aims to decrease missing data based on privacy regulations.

How to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

It is not so complicated to upgrade to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List GA4. If you are using Google Tag Manager, here are the steps for you:

  • First, log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Next, go to the Admin panel.
  • Click on ‘GA4 Setup Assistant’.
  • Next, click on ‘Get Started.’
  • Finally, click on ‘Create Property.’
  • Your GA4 property is ready.

Log into your Google Analytics account.

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Log into your account in Google Analytics. When you log in, find the Admin panel.

Go to the Admin panel.

You will see the ‘GA4 Setup Assistant’ at the top of the ‘Property’ column in the admin panel.

Click on ‘GA4 Setup Assistant’

When you tap this button, you are ready to launch the upgrade. Then you will see two options:

– Create a new GA4 property

– Connect with an existing GA4 property

Click on ‘Get Started’

If you have a UA property, you should tap the ‘Get Started’ button under ‘Create a New GA4 Property’.

At this stage, the wizard gives you some factual information:

– Your new GA4 property will not contain your historical data

– GA4 property only copies basic settings

– It enables Enhanced Measurement

Click on ‘Create Property’

Then you should click on ‘Create Property.’ Voila, you have created your GA4 property. Then you should add the tag to your website.

Your GA4 property is Ready

Click ‘See Your GA4 Property’ to monitor your new property. You can now begin to customize it for your need.

You should add your GA4 tag to your website or app, adjust the data stream you want to apply, and add triggers. Finally, you can confirm the flow of data by Tag Assistant reporting from the ‘DebugView’ segment. You can get more detailed information about upgrading to GA4 check here.

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