Created by the development team working in the same company where this trend was created. Although, unsurprisingly, it perfectly follows the design rules imposed Tunisia Email List by material design based on its famous cards, I prefer its competitor Materialize. Materialize materializecssmaterializecss For me, as for many, Materialize is undoubtedly THE framework to use when you want to create a Material Design site / app.  Although it is still only in the alpha phase, it already incorporates many evolutions, basic rules proposed by google, which are frequently found in the creations present on materialup (one of the references for material design resources).  I could present others to you because their number is high but I do not think that there is.

Much interest in this given that these two frameworks alone will allow you to create the different types of site based on the material design. If you want to settle for the essentials without frills, go for MDL (Material design light) while Materialize will give you a little more freedom and diversity in the different hover effects and more. Another important point, beware of certain frameworks that claim to be material design when they offer a different flat design or, worse, that they are based on certain rules not recommended by Google. MINIMALISTS All these beautiful and practical frameworks all have one flaw in common, it is their weight!

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We do not all want our site to look like this or that other site either, which is unfortunately often the case with most css frameworks (with practice, we easily recognize a site created with bootstrap). For all those there, there is a solution, the so-called minimalist frameworks which only offer a CSS sheet with generally a responsive grid in 12 parts and a reset or its alternative that I strongly advise you: normalize.css which will allow you to go on a good basis. I will start right away with the one I prefer and which, moreover, was created by Can’t you see who it is? If I tell you alsacreations, does that mean more to you? Well is also the founder of this reference site. Update 12/06/2020: Knacss no longer responds.


Although I have not yet had the opportunity to test it, I decided to make it appear in this selection because it is based on Knacss (and also because it was made by a Frenchman;)). Skeleton skeletonSkeleton A 400 line css file supporting a responsive grid, buttons, forms, links, lists and more. Simple so simpleSimple 5Kb for a simple and efficient responsive css developed under sass. All is said ! As a bonus, I wanted to present to you this framework that I stumbled upon while doing my research for the writing of this article. Locaweb Style, taking its name from the Brazilian agency that propels it, is a css framework specializing in the design of dashboards. If some of you have already had the opportunity to use it, it would be interesting to have your various feedbacks.

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To conclude, you will have noticed that there are many alternatives to bootstrap and for each use. And I have presented you here only a small part of the very many frameworks available on the web. Just remember this: There is not a miracle solution that will allow you to carry out all the types of projects that you may be faced with and I will even add that the use of a front end framework (or css) is far from be a necessity… but that is another debate. Do not hesitate to comment on your own experiences with these frameworks or to present your favorites on other solutions.

The Title tag is both a major SEO criterion and the most visible part of a web page on Google. this is why it cannot be ‘display not in the body of the page but in the title bar of the browser, for example: title tag home anthedesignTitle tag of the home page of the anthedesign site included in the browser SEO Tip : You can also view the title tag without analyzing the source code thanks to , an online SEO tool. How to optimize the Title tag for SEO? Entering the Title tag is essential for natural referencing . It is the most important tag of a web page . According to Google, it must meet certain writing criteria to be optimized for search engines.

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