Cologne My top 4 false friends German-Dutch In the meantime I have been living and working in Germany for more than 10 years. As an ex-pat, I have already met a lot of fake friends. ‘Faluche Freud’ sometimes lead to hilarious situations. Quickly get to know my favorite top 4 ‘faluche Freud’: genteel The false friend ‘ drafting ‘ in Dutch means ‘firm ‘ in German (context: a hearty meal). The Dutch ‘defter’ means.

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Sie bee urns haven haven’. The sentence sounds strange to a Egypt Phone Number German because the German word ‘purchased’ means ‘cooked’ in Dutch: bought Germans like good preparation. This applies to Luxembourg Phone Number many things – from a visit to the trade fair to a sales meeting. Are you going to do business with Germans and will the working language become German? In any case, make sure.


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That you have a good command of the German language and in this way make a professional impression. Secretly we all know it: the first impression counts! This also applies to doing business with Germans. Also read: Exciting! 9 words that differ considerably in Dutch & Flemish For good findability in Google Do you want to conquer the German market online? Then German keywords are important. In other words, using.

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