What will be the content production and validation process? What subjects to cover? The editorial Peru Email List plan (editorial planning) Who will be in charge of writing, proofreading, translation, integration, validation or even optimization? (It is necessary to coordinate all stakeholders in the editorial chain) Who will ensure quality control? Should we ensure statistical monitoring and who will be responsible for it? editorial validation for a publication within the framework of an editorial charter Source: shakepeers.org The editorial charter and its drafting rules Editorial rules must be respected by contributors, whether pros or amateurs. It is essential for a company to: Recall the basics of writing Find an information processing angle The law of proximity (principle according to which information has more or less importance depending on its proximity to the reader)

The 5W (Who? What? When? Why? Where?) And 2H (How? How much?) Rule : the answers to these questions must be found in the first lines of text content to move up in Google results. This phenomenon is called Keyword prominence. 5w 2h editorial charter5W 2H SEO and web editorial charter Set up the editorial organization An editorial organization must be put in place so that each actor knows when to intervene. After identifying the  writers , it is important to determine: The pilot to coordinate the project The content integrator The date the content was uploaded List each type of content to write and impose its rules The title The length and style The hat and the title The hat and the heading are not compulsory but if so, define its length and tone.

How To Use It To Improve Your Seo?

A website by creating backlinks. How to improve your SEO by creating links? Definition of Net linking The net linking is also known as link building or linking external . Netlinking is a strategy that consists of increasing the number of backlinks to a website to improve its positioning and visibility. The objective of a net linking strategy is to improve the popularity, referencing and audience of a website. The essential backlink A net linking strategy is based on increasing hypertext links pointing to the web page to make it more visible. The  backlink is therefore the main ingredient of a link building strategy and as such,  the quality of the backlinks is essential. PLEASE NOTE: only links marked “do follow” are followed and taken into account in Google’s algorithm.


What is a quality backlink? For an effective and sustainable net linking strategy , a backlink must meet quality criteria, here is a non-exhaustive list: the backlink must come from a web page whose textual content is in the same theme as that of the targeted page, it must come from a popular page with a PageRank greater than 3 (or a trust flow greater than 40) , the inbound link must come from a web page containing few outgoing links to maintain a good link juice (referencing juice) , the text of the link anchor (anchor text)  must describe the content that the Internet user will find on the landing page of the link, textual anchors of the type must be avoided: for more information, click here … prefer a link on a web page with seniority.

Net Linking Improves The Visibility Of

It must be located in the editorial content of the page and if possible on several pages, avoid a massive influx of inbound links in a short period and prefer a smooth backlink acquisition over time, prefer links from high traffic domains. By respecting all these quality criteria in the acquisition of your links, your netlinking will be effective and sustainable. How to do Netlinking? There are several solutions to getting inbound links and not all of them are created equal. Beyond the quality of the link, the means implemented for its acquisition have an impact on the quality and the results of your netlinking strategy. In terms of link creation, there are two categories of links: The natural links  : preferred, The artificial links : prohibited. Buying backlinks It is a technique of acquiring artificial links to be avoided.

Google considers a link to be natural and the purchase is anything but natural. In addition, the quality of backlinks is not always there. The reciprocal exchange of backlinks Massive link exchanges between two sites should be avoided or by limiting the exchange to a few links and preferably between two truly partner sites. Massive link building from “partner sites” is ineffective at best and punishable by Google Penguin at worst . The “social backlink” At the technical level, a link from a social network is marked as ” nofollow “. This means that it is not “taken into account” by Google in its calculation of inbound links. This does not exclude the indexing of shared Urls in search engines.

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