Building a more trustworthy web

The Trusted Web Foundation is an initiative to give consumers, governments, and companies a way to verify that they can trust what they read. It’s an idea to help the web become transparent about where something came from and accountable for who published what. Netherlands Mobile Number It should no longer be about machines making their choices for you, but you should be in control of what you do, what you read. You should be in control of how you use what you learn.

The talk for regulating the web is picking up and in Europe, we already have something called the GDPR. Netherlands Mobile Number This gives European citizens ownership over their digital data. This is not a way to censor things, as that would hurt the web, but a way to enable people to decide for themselves what they want to do with their data.

Part of the solution: timestamping content


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There are several initiatives that are working on parts of a future trusted web. One of the most interesting solutions is timestamping content in the blockchain. A timestamp lets readers know they can trust this piece of content as it has been verified and added to the blockchain. In the blockchain, the ownership and status of this content lives on in eternity — for all to see. It gives undeniable proof that this content exists, when it first appeared, who wrote it, and when it was last edited, if so.

So, timestamping content provides a sense of trust for your readers. You show that you take your content seriously. Not only that, by adding it to the blockchain, you can prove without a doubt that you are the owner of this content. Timestamping is a relatively easy solution that helps improve trust and paves the way towards a trusted web.

WordProof: using the blockchain to prove ownership

WordProof is the product of the Trusted Web Foundation, and its goal is to restore trust on the web. They have built a solution that uses the blockchain to place and verify timestamps on content. It uses badges or links to show people that the content has been protected. If you want, you can even check the changes made in previously saved versions of the content. This allows publishers to be as transparent and trustworthy as possible. Moreover, WordProof even lets you view the timestamp transaction on the blockchain.

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