Online management at the time revolutionized the ecommerce landscape, but times are changing. Today, the administration in the online channel is being replaced by fullcommerce . Why? E-commerce grew in 2020 by 27% worldwide and in Latin America it is growing rapidly, with projections that it will reach $116.2 billion in 2023. To this, we must add that consumer expectations are increasingly high, forcing businesses to orchestrate best practices to fulfill the promise, one of the many, is to create an incredible, fast and easy experience. Therefore, full commerce has become the answer for those businesses that aim to achieve high performance management and execution for their ecommerce , as it promises to be the most efficient alternative to create strong and successful brands.

Get the first study of the level of maturity of ecommerce in Peru – Download it for free here What is Fullcommerce? Fullcommerce is the new way to scale the growth of electronic commerce with a comprehensive view. There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the way of doing business, in such a way that the changes that were Brazil Phone Number to happen gradually happened in a matter of two or three months. This meant increased demands to remain competitive while meeting new consumer expectations. In this panorama, e- commerce encountered a new need: to know their customers in order to retain them, as well as attract new ones through new channels.

However, Achieving This Requires

Constant innovation in marketing, a test-and-learn culture, optimizing costs and leveraging technology to create actions focused on delighting customers. And this is when fullcommerce appears in companies as an opportunity to scale growth through agile and unified management. This is in charge of integrating all the services that a business requires to operate and position itself in the digital world, but keeping all the channels integrated and communicating with each other. Instead of dividing efforts between several actors that act separately, full commerce concentrates all services to offer an omnichannel experience. infographic evolution of ecommerce management to fullcommerce desktop Fullcommerce: how does it work and help increase sales?

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Having a full- commerce partner capable of operating the end-to-end of. A business with a comprehensive vision is what all companies need. Because it allows the brand to focus on product development, logistics and offline expansion. The pillar of full-commerce companies is omnichannel, where technology support is key. In all the processes that fullcommerce manages, the objective is to offer the customer a unique and valuable shopping experience. And these are some of the results you can gain by operating with a fullcommerce partner: 1. Increase customer loyalty It offers a unified and personalized shopping experience to consumers .

When User-friendly And Convenient

Platforms are offered, customers are more likely to choose them and not go with competitors. 2. Create a unified experience between online and offline One of the goals of a fullcommerce strategy. Is to reduce friction when the user decides to jump from one platform to another. 3. Increase technological efficiency by having a unified and accessible database. This facilitates the work of those who work in customer service and marketing. Without a doubt, this efficiency will be reflected in customer satisfaction. Since you will be able to obtain answers and solutions quickly. 4. Improve communication It allows the client to communicate through a greater diversity of channels.

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