Google search is evolving with ever more local results. Google has just announced that geolocation will now focus on the location of the Internet user and no longer Czech Republic Email List linked to the extension of the engine used. What changes for your research? The Google search becomes more local for everyone. Google has just announced on its blog an update of the management of geolocation, it aims to send you ever more relevant and local results . This update from Google changes the way results are displayed on all of its engines. It is valid both on. Google justifies this update with regard to the volume of local searches, which is approximately 20% of searches.

In Germany you can still use the engine. You will then be geolocated in Germany and you will obtain the same local results as on It is therefore no longer necessary to use the search engine with the extension of the country visited (,, . For each of your queries entered, your location is now indicated at the bottom left of the home page of your favorite search engine. If you want to obtain results from while being located in France, then you will need to change your geolocation in the search engine’s search preferences. You will need to choose the correct location in the region settings, see below.

The goal of this update is to


Improve the search experience. Google will deliver increasingly relevant results by taking into account. A logo charter is a light version of the graphic charter , it is a document serving the communication strategy of a company or a brand . communication media. It is also intended for your employees in charge of producing documents for internal or external use. The logo charter is sent in PDF format, it is very often accompanied by the sources of the files to facilitate compliance with the instructions for use. A logo charter, for example, formalizes the color references of a logo and its rules of use for the creation of all your communication media.

The rules of use with the protection zone

The minimum size and some prohibitions. The rules for using the logo on light, transparent or dark backgrounds (plain or disturbed background). In some logo charters you will also find its meaning and the history of its creation. Compliance with a logo charter guarantees the consistency, strength and quality of perception of a visual identity .anthedesign logo in its square variationAntheDesign logo in its square version for social networks. The square formats of the logo are reserved for the web and social networks. They can also be used for complex layouts. On the web, the use of the symbol alone makes it possible to identify the company below 100 pixels, for example for the favicon.

The logo, available in its monochrome version (black and white), can be used on all printed media without colors. The chromatic palette formalized in the logo charter makes it possible to respect the colors of the logo for all its uses. You will find the RGB, CMYK and HEXADECIMAL color codes there. The logo charter can also incorporate the rules for using the logo on the most common communication media such as. To conclude, a logo charter is an essential document for respecting the integrity of your visual identity. It also ensures consistency between all your communication media and your image by extension.

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