Notice! 1.8 million New Zealanders’ phone numbers may have been leaked

New Zealanders’ phone numbers Chinese Herald Network Compiled by Renee

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New Zealanders’ phone numbers, According to the English Herald, more than 1.8 million New Zealand WhatsApp Number users may be at risk and their mobile phone numbers may be leaked.

Earlier this month, users on a hacker forum claimed they were selling a large cache of the app’s user records, which had been collected throughout November.

1 News reported that the unnamed user said they had collected the phone numbers of 1,824,589 New Zealand WhatsApp accounts.

According to Cybernews, after investigating the screenshots sent to them, these claims may be true. Out of a sample of 1,914 phone numbers provided to them, all were related to Whatapp users.

Cybernews also reported that the threat actors were selling the US dataset for US$7000 (NZ$11,000), the UK dataset for US$2500 (NZ$4000), and the German dataset for US$2000 (NZ$3200). data set.

According to a statement sent to TOI by WhatsApp, the report is unconfirmed.

Its spokesperson said, “The report on Cybernews is based on unverified screenshots. There is no evidence that a ‘data breach’ occurred on WhatsApp.”

This could be potentially risky for users, given that phone numbers can be exploited in scams or phishing attacks.

The government’s cybersecurity watchdog, CERT NZ, told the Herald it was aware of the incident and did not consider “it to be a serious or imminent security threat to New Zealanders”.

CERT NZ incident response manager Jordan Heersping said, “The messages appear to be mobile phone numbers only, however this could mean there will be an increase in spam and phishing messages sent via WhatsApp and text messages, especially as we head into the busy Christmas season. ”

Heersping advises that this is a good opportunity to activate two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp account and other apps so that even if an attacker somehow gets your password, they won’t be able to get into your account.

“We advise all WhatsApp users in New Zealand to be wary of spam messages and links from unknown sources, including shopping offers or delivery messages.”

People who receive suspicious text messages are asked to forward them to 7726 for free. Users can also report suspicious links to CERT NZ for removal.

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