Okay boby but what’s the point? It’s all about reinventing the wheel, isn’t it? The interest of the static Uzbekistan Email List CMS lies in the fact that the risk of hack is almost zero and the consumption of server resources is also almost zero. In addition, the backups are done just with the help of a zip and it’s over. Grav, a hybrid between static and dynamic And now  “Grav” , located between the two worlds, this new CMS offers a dynamic site using PHP but without having to use a database. The configurations are entered in Yml or in json format as for the content! The advantages are numerous! We retain two interests. Keep the simplicity of backup on the one hand and the interest of a dynamic site on the other.

The only downside, the writing speed of a file is slower than that of a database. This slowness can be annoying for a commenting system. You have to be patient: p Grav a new born among CMSGrav a new born in the world of CMS Why use Grav? Grav is an open source flat-file CMS that still deserves some attention. The latter works by a markdown system and in yml. In addition, it is easy to operate from the command line. That i is remarkable for a recent CMS. That’s the size of its community! Grav already offers a  large number of themes  and plugins . Help yourself, it’s free children! However, beware friends! When creating your theme.

Static Cmss Don’t Need A Database

You will need to learn the language of Template’s engine, Twig . Rest assured, despite a doc in English, this step is very well explained. In addition, Grav offers simple, classy and fashionable administration! GRAV administration consoleGRAV administration console My opinion : Do not hesitate to test Grav, this CMS is very promising! It could combine the strength of the dynamic with its simplicity of the static to create small websites (showcase site of ten pages) . In addition, a French translation is already available although the official doc remains in English. I think Grav is taking the right direction, that of a “modular” CMS. Let me explain ,


Grav offers us a base that is easily customizable by adding plugins that will enhance your site. I have mixed feelings about the opinion of the webdesign’s blog . In my opinion, Grav excels, but it doesn’t yet have the simplicity that WordPress can have for creating a theme because of Twig’s verbose syntax. WordPress still has a good lead and it proves it to us! How about you, would you be ready to use Grav? Comment on our blog ! The business card is essential in the professional world, exchanged during a first meeting, it has the advantage of being kept by your contact and allows you to stand out from your competitors.

These Are Simple Html Files

How much does it cost to create a business card? ZEN READING How much does it cost to create a business cardUpdated on August 27, 2019 creation of a business card The business card has a very important role in the communication of your business. It must convey a rewarding, striking and positive image while setting you apart from your competitors. Your business card must not tarnish your image and your professionalism! Cost of creating a business card For creating the design of a business card, you have at least two different options, either an exclusive creation or a creation from a template . What are the advantages, disadvantages and cost of each option?

The creation of a business card with an exclusive design The creation of a bespoke business card allows you to stand out and grab the attention of your interlocutor with an elegant and exclusive design. Your business card will be created from a creative brief by a graphic designer and you can benefit from their advice. The creation of a business card in 6 steps Creative brief, Creative research and realization of a front & back model from a brief, Modifications until the validation of the model, Proofreading and preparation of the file for printing, Digital or paper proof (proof) , Four-color printing on glossy paper in 85 x 54 mm (350 gr / m²) format .

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