Professionals are using social networks more and more, they make it possible to communicate widely, to sell and to retain customers,… But beware! A presence on social Thailand Email List is not without risks and vigilance is required. What is a fake profile? A fake profile is also called a Fake. A “Fake” designates a faked profile, a “fake” , a  “forgery” , an “imitation” or even a “fraud” . A fake can be a hijacked profile taking the identity of another person with his name, address, and image. A fake profile can also be an identity created from scratch. Fake profiles are created by individuals or robots with very often bad intentions.

Beyond the classic wallet scams, one of the new missions of these fake profiles is to damage the image of a company or a person, for example with negative opinions and comments. These fake profiles are constantly increasing, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook  are taking action to protect their users. In the event of identity theft, a tool developed by Facebook can detect an account with a name or a photo similar to another user, it sends a notification to warn the user concerned. The latter must then confirm or deny the identity theft. If the profile turns out to be false, Facebook will then perform a manual verification.

Fake Profiles On Social Networks

According to, in 2013, robots generated 61.5% of web traffic, an increase of 21.5% between 2012 and 2013. This increase is partly linked to certain companies that use fake profiles to artificially increase their community. fake fake Facebook profiles What are the motivations of the creators of fake profiles? Spy on a person  (a girlfriend, a boss, children, an enemy, …), Increase the number of fans of a Facebook Page , Spam “friends”  with impunity, Set up all types of scams (very often blackmail), Damaging the reputation of a person or a business. What are the risks for a business? Information leaks, The leak may or may not be intentional and come from inside the company, it is always a great happiness for the competitors.


A leak is often the work of two distracted employees revealing information about a current project in a public discussion. Identity theft, The problem of identity theft is more and more frequent on social networks and in particular on Facebook, it is becoming a real problem for companies! The usurper gives his victim an unflattering “reputation” by attributing embarrassing remarks or facts, or by posting compromising photos and derogatory comments. It is a direct attack on the image and the e-reputation of the victim. How to detect a fake profile on Facebook? The 4 points below may already enlighten you, so check them out:

A New Scourge For Businesses!

Photos and images sometimes carry a lot of information. (97% of fake profiles are beautiful women), The activity of the suspicious profile , analyze its page and check the contacts, The spelling , if you find a mistake in every word, it’s fishy! Profile consistency : dates, publications, friends, etc.  (43% of false profiles do not have an up-to-date status), What to do with a fake profile detected on Facebook? If you think you’ve detected a fake profile, report it and share it with the Facebook community to get it removed. Block it or enter it as “junk” and report it. On Facebook, you can have an account that impersonates your identity deleted: Navigate to the profile you want to report.

At the bottom right of the cover photo, click and select Report. Follow the instructions on the screen. report fake facebook profile To conclude, Fake profiles on Facebook and on social media in general can become a nightmare for businesses. The best way to protect yourself is to stay on standby and act upon detection of a Fake by reporting it. Find in this article six steps to build an effective SEO strategy: targets, objectives, keywords, content, … ZEN READING 6-step SEO strategyUpdated October 18, 2020 Why build a natural referencing strategy? Investing in a natural referencing strategy and optimizing the SEO of your site to be placed in front of your competitors is a profitable investment .

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