There are many mobile internet connections that run much slower than desktop ones.Which means that if you want mobile users to stay on your article. And notice ad units, you need to take action and reduce the loading. Speed of the mobile. Reading experience. In addition to removing unnecessary. Images and graphics from your pages, you should. Work with your web development agency partners to ensure that. No third-party scripts can slow down your site and that. Everything is working properly on your cms. Also, pay close attention. To interstitial ads that appear when mobile users first land on your. Page. If they’re coming from facebook and have to wait more. Than 10 seconds to see the content, they’ll likely come back to their feed and look for something else. All in all,


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And you’re guaranteed to have an experience that readers will actually enjoy. 4. Graphic Design Customize your monetization approaches snapchat logo on iphone screen A single, unified strategy is not enough for content success in digital publishing, and the same goes Graphic Design for monetization. A great way to personalize the overall monetization. Experience is to offer different experiences to users based. On how they landed on your pages. When a reader enters. Your homepage directly, it can indicate that the person is an avid and loyal reader. Of your content and does so whenever they get the chance. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with pages that aren’t too cluttered with ads that would ruin their reading experience.

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Advertising with these users, initially decluttering their experience will pay off in the Graphic Design long run as they will come back to your site again and again. Users who access your digital magazine through social media Graphic Design are more likely to browse your content because they don’t initially have the same interest in it as your most loyal readers. To profit from their short visits to your site. you need to know .how to use ad units and remarkable content recommendations.



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