The quality of the salespeople employed by a company is critical to its success in the marketplace. In the end, as relevant and attractive as they may be, products and services do not sell themselves.

And also with good marketing strategies, it is necessary to have professionals who really know how to close sales.

Sales representatives acquire their skills in different ways. Courses, training sessions and natural skills are very important, but some experience in business transactions is essential to present a satisfactory performance.

The problem is that there isn’t always time to gain that experience — and that’s where the concept of role play comes in . However,  That kind of dynamic is essential to qualify sellers and increase conversion rate.

You want to know more? In this text you will discover:

  • What is role play?
  • What is the purpose of the Role Play methodology?
  • What are the advantages of role plays?
  • How to apply role play in practice?

What is role play?

To understand what that concept is, let’s start Panama WhatsApp Number List by explaining the term. In the free translation into Spanish, role play can be understood as the role played by someone in a hypothetical situation.

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It is something very entertaining, which refers to children’s games — like a child pretending to be an astronaut, for example.

When within the context of sales ,

role play allows the salesperson to simulate. However, different situations, imagining different outcomes and training how to deal with them.

In most cases, the person responsible for applying the methodology, usually a manager or a coach, plays the role of lead , while the seller tries to persuade him to make a certain decision or simply tries to serve him in the best possible way. .

The hypothetical scenario is decided according to the particularities of the professional, the company and the client. However,  A role play session can easily include more than one salesperson.

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