A major outage at OVH is causing inconvenience for many website editors, among others! In addition, various web browsers offer extensions that make it possible to Cyprus Email Addresses distinguish between do follow and no follow links directly in the body of the text. You will be able to know at a glance if your link is in do follow, and if it will be taken into account (or not) by Google! All internet users noticed the blackout on Thursday 09 November. The websites, management software, messaging, applications… In short, almost all the services hosted at OVH were inaccessible that morning, including around 3 million websites (estimate not confirmed by OVH) . The poo, the disaster, the disaster !!

Huge bug at OVH in Strasbourg this Thursday 09 November with the origin of a power failure impacting thousands of companies. At 7.15 am, two faulty Strasbourg high-voltage electricity lines are at the origin of the . The 2 EDF electrical arrivals are down and the 2 generator sets have failed. The set of 4 elec arrivals no longer feeds the routing room. We are all over the problem. The height of bad luck for OVH, after Strasbourg, a second incident affects the Roubaix data center. The optical network which interconnects the Roubaix site with other data centers is the victim of a software bug.

This Thursday 09 November

For some companies with an e-commerce site , this outage was very prejudicial to them, especially since it lasted several hours. Some took their trouble patiently, others were a little more upset. OVH is a French web host based in Roubaix, France. Founded and managed by Octave Klaba in 1999, OVH owns more than 250,000 servers located in 17 data centers and welcoming more than a million customers worldwide! OVH does not know the crisis! Growing exponentially, it is one of the world leaders in the field of digital hosting. In Europe, it is the No. 1 host and in France this company hosts more than a third of French websites.


In the space of 18 years, this “little business” has become a real empire! OVH is clearly the only French company playing in the same court as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. It is a blow difficult to take for OVH, especially since it is the second failure after that of June 19 last described as the  worst failure in eleven years. This kind of blackout reminds us how dependent we are on electricity. During breakdowns of this type which are very impactful for everyone, apart from trusting the professionals, showing understanding and crossing your fingers so that the problem is quickly resolved, there is unfortunately nothing more to do! !

Google has just announced that geolocation

Will now focus on the location of the Internet user and no longer linked to the extension of the engine used. What changes for your research? The Google search becomes more local for everyone. Google has just announced on its blog an update of the management of geolocation, it aims to send you ever more relevant and local results . Google justifies this update with regard to the volume of local searches, which is approximately 20% of searches. Since this update, it is indeed the geolocation detected by the search engine that takes precedence and no longer the extension you have chosen.

Germany you can still use the Google.fr engine. You will then be geolocated in Germany and you will obtain the same local results as on Google.de. It is therefore no longer necessary to use the search engine with the extension of the country visited (Google.fr, Google.de, Google.nl) . For each of your queries entered, your location is now indicated at the bottom left of the home page of your favorite search engine. If you want to obtain results from Google.de while being located in France, then you will need to change your geolocation in the search engine’s search preferences. You will need to choose the correct location in the region settings, see below.

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