The services and products you offer. brochurePhoto of a brochure The brochure is a communication Greenland Email List  medium intended to promote your products and generate sales   (the catalog aims to be demonstrative and to provide more details, it is larger) . Before embarking on designing and printing a brochure, ask yourself questions that will help you move forward with your project, such as: What is the budget you will devote to this communication medium? Who is your target? What type of brochure to choose? The number of pages? Text and visual content? Use the AIDA method : Attract A aution, Raising the I nterest, Induce D ESIR, Push the A ction. Nota Bene :

Think of the catchphrase to appeal to your client or prospect, highlight the most important information for easier reading, prioritize text content and group ideas by topic, adopt an airy and refined ” white space  ” style, your page must be pleasant to read, illustrate your brochure with attractive visuals that reflect your business. The evolution of the brochure The printed brochure is in decline; its most serious competitor is the online brochure which can be downloaded in PDF format or can be viewed directly online (e-brochure, e-catalog, flipbook) . This process is more and more widespread with for example Peugeot and its 208 .

A Redesign Of Your Website

In conclusion Each print communication medium is used to achieve a well-defined objective. A brochure with a successful design is an excellent communication medium to highlight a complete range of products or services with a qualitative rendering. Printed on beautiful paper or online, the brochure still has a bright future ahead!  (search engines, SEO soft,  Google Search Console , etc.) Others are chargeable and often reserved for SEO agencies and SEO managers ( Yooda SeeUrank , Yooda INSIGHT , RANK.FR, MyPoseo) . The big advantage of automated solutions is that you save time. Indeed, it is not uncommon to follow the. Manual tracking is only indicated for a few keywords to be tracked monthly. We will focus on the manual method using the Google search engine.


This method is the easiest to implement and allows you to quickly and accurately know your position on your main keywords. new-google-logo-september-2015 How to find your position on Google? A priori, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is open your favorite browser and type in a keyword on, all you have to do is scroll through the results until you find one of your web pages. And no ! that would be too good and too simple, the context of Internet research is constantly evolving and the fluctuations of the positioning in the engines have never been more important. You can test with one of your keywords, note your position in the results before testing another method. Fluctuations in your positions on Google The ranking of a page in the SERPs (search engines) for the same query can vary considerably from one user to another.

This Allows To Properly Redirect

Many factors cause movements in the results displayed by Google for the same search, these movements can even call into question the importance of the  “official positioning” of a page in certain cases. The disruptive elements in the positioning of web pages: History, cache and cookies installed on your preferred browser; The search history recorded by the engines; Connection to a user account on Google (via Gmail, G +, etc.) ; The language and country of origin and the geolocation of requests; Google Maps results; The location and Google data centers used during searches; The number of pages displayed in the search results; Results from Google+ ;

All these disruptive factors are added to the natural movements of the positioning of web pages in the Google index. These disruptions also have the effect of complicating the manual tracking of your positioning on Google. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to overcome these disruptive elements to find out your real ranking in the search results. logout-gmailLog out of your Google accounts Know precisely your positioning on Google To know your real positioning on Google , you must perform the following actions: Delete cookies and your browser history, Log out of your Google and Gmail accounts, Use only Google.

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