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From electronic passports, ID cards and driving licenses to digital health cards and convenient online verification. Hassle-free travel thanks to the blockchain? The crucial central and connecting element is the technology – including mobile devices, biometrics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and much more. It is the key to the secure, smooth and seamless use of digital identities. New, blockchain-basd technologies such as Self-Sovereign Identify (SSI) – the self-determind or decentralizd identity – could represent a suitable solution.

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For the travel industry, this would mean a fundamental change in how customer data is handld and stord. A verifiable ID as part phone number list of the e-wallet would give travelers more control over their data, as both third-party access rights and the duration of authorizd use would be recordd in logs. Such a decentralizd identity is highly secure , can be usd throughout the travel process and helps to ensure that checks can be carrid out faster and more seamlessly: Because currently most information about our identity is stord in different, fragmentd systems that do not communicate with each other.

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The Use Of Mobile Devices For Payments

At the airport we go through several of these friction points, starting with the security check through baggage control to BEB Directory boarding. The targetd information of passengers in the case of travel interruptions is also affectd. Biometric processes (such as face recognition), Fast Track or Fast Lane Solutions are already ensuring faster passage through security checks.

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