In B2B marketing, it’s key to build a personalized creative strategy. That speaks to your ideal customer profile and aligns with work-from-home trends. Your goal is to capture users’ attention with a well-thought-out creative and messaging that highlights how your offering is going to help solve their pain points.

Use ‘ready-to-buy’ signals and firmographic insights to optimize your creative strategies with hyper-relevant messaging. Firmographic insights uncover data about who is buying particular products and who is not buying those products. They can give you a clearer understanding of B2B buyers and market trends.

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For example, firmographic insights might tell you that a financial institution’s decision makers are actively researching ‘business intelligence software,’ which signals they are ‘ready-to-buy.’ With this knowledge, you can Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists inform your creative strategy to drive audiences towards a specific action, like downloading an ebook on ‘The Benefits of Data Integration in the Finance Industry.’

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

There are plenty of B2B marketing channels to choose from, like native, display, and audio. One that will help you truly stand out from the crowd? Video. With video ads you can reach potential customers wherever they may be watching video content online. Video also has the potential to differentiate your brand from others in the B2B space by giving you a way to combine the power of both visuals and audio to communicate your message.

Video for B2B marketing.

According to eMarketer, in 2022 US advertisers will spend $62.96 billion USD on this programmatic channel, up from $52.17 billion USD in 2021. And that spend is expected to climb to $74.88 billion USD in 2023. More than 20% year-over-year growth signals that marketers are increasingly recognizing and investing in the value of video.

With marketers increasingly adopting video advertising, forget about using B2B video marketing in the traditional way. Lean into this format’s unique capabilities to stand out from. The crowd and capture the attention of the audiences that matter.

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