Retouching and editing photos is one of the most common activities in the digital world. Although it is believed that it is difficult and that various tools are needed, online stores have developed various easy-to-use applications. Through them, they seek to increase the interaction and protagonism of the person in relation to their participation in the photographs they take. Likewise, it makes it easier for them to express their tastes and interests in the modification and creation of their own content. This time we will tell you about Snapseed , a free application from Google. It may interest you: Get started in the digital world with our Diploma in Digital Marketing and take that technological step that will make you more competitive.

What is Snapseed? Snapseed is a mobile photo editing app available on Google Play and the App Store. It was developed by Nik Software and currently belongs to Google. Therefore, it has modifications made to improve the user interface. In this way, it has become one of the most complete tools for almost unlimited editing and retouching. It is South Africa Phone Number mentioning that it is a free application and has a good rating by users. The app is sorted into two categories: Tools and Filters. With a total of 29 options, we can observe step by step how the image is turning out and how it would turn out without the last modification. Something similar as if it were a layer in Photoshop.

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The different Snapseed tools allow you to edit aspects of the images: Crop them, modify the lighting, saturation, color, among others. These changes can be made to the entire photo or to specific points that we have previously selected. Main advantages of Snapseed As we have already mentioned, Snapseed is a photo editing application. Because there are a variety of apps available, we consider mentioning their main advantages. It is worth mentioning that it is one of the favorite tools in the market due to its simplicity and multiple options. It is free . You don’t need to spend to start editing your photos and leave them with an amazing result Easy to handle.

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It is a very easy-to-use tool, since in a few minutes we will be able to edit our photos and use them on our favorite social networks . Settings checked . The adjustments have profiles that are easy to understand, since their own names explain the effect that we can achieve. dynamic effects . Simple, fast and multifunctional effects control. multiple explanations. It offers a lot of information, which makes it easy to work in the tool itself. Multiple options . In addition to putting at our fingertips many options to edit our images, it allows us to configure the pixels and others. How to work in Snapseed? To start editing your images in Snapseed, you will only need to download the version for iOS or Android.

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Steps to edit photos with Snapseed Main Effects in Snapseed. After having mentioned what it is and what the advantages of Snapseed are. We consider it important to make known the main effects found within the application. It is worth mentioning that they are points that fully. Snapseed photo editor for android Blur: One of the most used With this option. You can center the focus on the object, person or animal in the photo and blur what is around it. You can also measure the intensity of blur, specify and darken the edges of the image. It is worth mentioning that it has established options to place horizontal, vertical and circular focus.

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