While working on Docker projects, most of the time, existing Docker images will not meet your requirements.

create your Docker image
Run the docker build command which will create a docker image
Now that the docker image is ready to use, use the docker run command to create containers
dockerfile workflow
Basic Commands
DE – Defines the base image to use and start the build process.

RUN – Takes the command and its arguments to run from the image.

CMD – Function similar to a RUN command, but is executed only after the container is instantiated.

ENTRY POINT – Goes to your default application in the image when the container is created.

ADD – Copies files from source to destination (inside the container).

ENV – Set environment variables.

How to create a Docker Image with a


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This is where Dockerfile comes into the picture; will help you create custom Docker images. Therefore, knowing Dockerfile is essential.

What is Dockerfile?
It is a simple text file with a set of commands or instructions. These commands/instructions are executed successively to perform actions on the base image to create a new docker image.

comments and command + arguments are two types of main line blocks in Dockerfile syntax

Comment Syntax

#Line blocks used for commenting

command argument argument1 …..
Example of commands + arguments

#Line blocks used for commenting

command argument argument1 …..
Below is what your workflow will look like.


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