Explore your site as if you were a Google robot, Test the display of your site on mobile , View your main  backlinks  and disavow them if necessary, View the exploration Vietnam Email List errors ( 404 errors, server errors, etc.)  on your site, Check your robots.txt file , … Focus on some interesting features of GSC Monitoring the indexing of your web pages The ” Indexing status ” feature allows you to know the number of URLs that the Google robot has indexed, it allows you to follow the evolution of indexing over 12 months. You can also view the pages blocked by the robots.txt file and the number of deleted pages.

Indexing tracking on Google Search ConsoleIndexing tracking on Google Search Console Research analysis The search analysis allows you to view all the queries typed on Google that displayed a link to your site, this corresponds to the number of impressions. You can also view the number of clicks for each page of your site with the associated query. research analysisGSC Research Analysis The Google Search Console provides a lot of other very useful information to get started in any  SEO strategy . Another advantage:  A website active in Google Search Console has a better chance of being fully indexed and better positioned.

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Update Monday, January 8, 2018  : a new Search Console is coming! The new version of the Google Search Console is being deployed, you have already received or you will soon receive a message as soon as your site is affected. Conclusion Do not hesitate to register your site on Google Webmaster Tools , once the authentication procedure is completed, you will benefit from all the essential information to improve your visibility, and it’s completely free! Mobile marketing consists of carrying out targeted marketing actions aimed at a mobile user. ZEN READING smartphone mobile marketingUpdated on February 12, 2021 His birth Mobile marketing has its origins in the early 2000s.


How? When some marketers understood all the interest they could derive from an object that we never part with! Gradually, marketing campaigns using the mobile phone as a medium are emerging. In 2002, an association under the 1901 law, the “  Mobile Marketing Association France ” , brought together all the major players in marketing and advertising (consulting agencies, advertisers, control rooms, service providers, measurement institutes, mobile operators) . Its objective is to develop the mobile Internet market by promoting the exchange of information and best practices between all players. Every three months, the Mobile Marketing Association France publishes the.

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Mobile Marketing barometer, some extracts of which are public and all of which are intended for its members. Audience analysis, a wealth of information for Mobile Marketing The studies carried out relating to the use of the mobile Internet, provide the advertising market and m-marketers with the audience and uses of “mobile users”. These studies are based on targeting criteria such as: Gender, age, housewife, habitat, the size of the household, family or single person, the gross annual income of the household, household equipment, education, the frequency of the fixed Internet connection, the type of Mobile telephony offer, type of Mobile Internet offer, etc.

Audience analyzes are then used by the biggest players in the advertising market for the purposes of increasingly targeted campaigns and even more effective re-marketing . To conclude, Mobile Marketing still has a bright future ahead of it, it adds an extra chord to advertisers with, moreover, one of the highest return rates! Christmas is fast approaching and the gifts will mainly be bought in physical stores, what will be the share of e-commerce for Christmas 2015? ZEN READING e-commerce-christmas-2015Updated September 13, 2021 With an annual turnover multiplied by 7 between the year 2005 and the year 2014 (from 8.4 to 56.8 billion euros) , the growth of e-commerce is not weakening.

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