The Turkish fruit and vegetable market was supposed to be a “big bowl”, but now it has made people unable to buy it. Even a 50% increase in base wages will not save purchasing power from a trough. It will be a particularly cold winter for the Turks.

It started to snow on the 16th, and Ankara turned white overnight

the people were bleeding. In Slovenia Phone Number  Ankara’s central Birlik district, people lined up early in the morning in front of the “Halk Ekmek” kiosk belonging to the municipal government. In the piercing cold wind, snow and rain fell from the sky.

Turks must eat bread, even with meals or pasta.

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Last night on April 10, 2020, the authorities announced without warning that there would be a curfew for the first time since the middle of the night for the prevention of COVID-19 (severe special infectious pneumonia, new coronary pneumonia, Wuhan pneumonia), triggering a panic buying wave of bread, resulting in

Not long after the outbreak of the epidemic, the whole country was in chaos in just two or three hours. Everything else is ignored, the people are only worried that there will be no bread to eat during the lockdown. The importance of bread to people’s livelihood is evident. arrow_forward_iosunderstand more

Powered by GliaStudio Bread prices have skyrocketed this winter, making government bread particularly in demand. “The bread here is 1.25 lire, which is half price (compared to the market price).” Ilker Orhan, a 32-year-old mechanic, said with the bread he just bought from the kiosk in his hand, “Now we are very careful with our money. , we’ll buy it wherever it’s cheap.”

He told a reporter from the Central News Agency that a bag of six breads on hand would feed. A family of five for five days. Bread sold in Ankara has risen to 2.25 lire each, and other big cities like Istanbul and Izmir are more expensive. But the city government has warned that there will be no unlimited supply of relatively cheap public bread.

A government notice posted on the window. The kiosk said that each 250-gram loaf of bread. Will continue to be supplied until the flour in stock is used up. The “flour shortage” is just the tip of the iceberg of the current market situation in Turkey.

In fact, there are tea shortages, sugar shortages, oil shortages, chocolate shortages, cleaning supplies shortages, washing powder shortage

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