The new normal has accelerated the demand for large-scale Internet shopping . In the month of April alone, online consumption in Peru reached 49.1% , according to Niubuz data . For this reason, businesses are migrating or strengthening their e-commerce strategies to optimize the purchase process on their websites. Physical stores have had to adapt quickly to sell their products on the web. However, many businesses still face various challenges: buyer behavior is not the same on the Internet, product distribution logistics, delivery times , among others. Index What is the purchasing process? How does the purchasing process work?

Phases of the purchase process of an e-commerce How to hack the growth of an e-commerce? What is the purchase process? Before buying a product, there are several steps that the buyer goes through. All these phases are the buying process : from when you are attracted to a particular website until you buy a product or service online and then repeat Greece Phone Number become a promoter of the business. Believing that the buying process ends when the buyer already got what he wanted is a common mistake. That’s a big difference from the purchase funnel , for example. The new way of doing business demands that we continue to delight our customers.

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Stop at each of the 8 phases that we have determined to learn what actions to take in each of them to improve the performance of your ecommerce . Infographics the 8 phases to improve the performance of an ecommerce How does the purchase process work? We are ready to know what the phases of the e-commerce purchase process are ! We said that it has similarities with a funnel. In fact, part of the recognition of a need and evaluation of alternatives to the purchase decision and how the buyer behaves once he already has the product or service. Some tools to define this funnel: for example, the customer experience and the Canvas model. For this purchase process, you must understand the profile and needs of customers in each phase, as well as the channels to approach the buyer in each stage.

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Clearly determining that path helps guide the shopper and optimize each phase throughout their buying journey so their journey is secured. You will be able to make specific strategies and tactics with greater efficiency and effectiveness. You can even guide them under the Growth methodology to achieve repeatable and scalable growth in any type of business. Now let’s go to the 8 phases of the online shopping process and the stages of electronic commerce. We manage 100% of the growth of your ecommerce – Get to know Impulse Ecommerce Phases of the purchase process of an e-commerce 1. Attention phase It focuses on attracting buyers to visit our e-commerce.

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It is one that has several types of products from different brands but works under the distributor mode. To attract buyers with this type of e-commerce , the specialist advises using techniques such as SEO and SEM and tools such as Google Shopping and Comparators. The Playbook for Brands. It is that product that is sold through social networks and that the intention to sell is related to the values. Emotions of the product. For the growth of our e-commerce, the specialist suggests using other channels to attract customers, such as Kickstarter. YouTube, Tik Tok Ads. He also points out that we can automate the pricing strategy and use tools like Minderest or Boardfy and thus establish price rules over our competitors. shopping carts stacked in blocks ecommerce concept 2.

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