In the face of the loss of knowledge and the Sweden Phone Number sinking of users in the process of popularization, how to avoid “bad money drives out good money”? Faced with the phenomenon of low user payment conversion rate, how to achieve “rich first to drive wealth later”? In the face of value dilution and information noise, how to achieve “If there is a problem, go to Zhihu and you can solve it”? This article will analyze the historical development of Zhihu, combined with the current development situation and future development possibilities, comprehensively analyze and give optimization suggestions.

Know the product function structure

It can be seen from the product structure diagram of Zhihu that the core business of Zhihu is a knowledge sharing community that develops together with multiple content creation forms as the main body of question and answer; knowledge payment, advertising and membership system are used as commercial monetization means; Now, it is also expanding new businesses such as live broadcast, Little Blue Star recommendation and circles.

Competitive Analysis

Sweden Phone Number

I remember a debate competition in my sophomore year, because the debate involved a comparison between “Common Law” and “Continental Law”. As an illegal student debater, it is difficult to find and understand relevant knowledge. For me, who has no legal foundation but wants accurate legal knowledge, the study of legal books is too heavy; academic papers are obscure and difficult to understand; and the answers given by Baidu Search and Baidu Know are too subjective and low-quality.

At this time, I discovered Zhihu for the first time. There are many related questions in the Q&A community. By understanding a Q&A, I can not only learn the required knowledge, but also the experience, experiences and personal opinions of those excellent respondents. Curious about this area of ​​knowledge, sometimes I even private message them to discuss issues.

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