Your salespeople have a great challenge every day or before each

interaction with a lead : show that your company really generates results!

and alternatives, and many of them simply sell “smoke” and promise magical results that later do not materialize.

You need to show that you are not more of the same !

And that ‘s where the success stories come into play . They are contents in which the history of a client and the achievements

, service or tool are shared in detail.

Preferably, to build trust and be transparent, mention

the specific name of your client in this material, as long as your client authorizes it, of course. And above all, back up every message and claim with hard data and compelling metrics.

On the other hand, if in addition to generating trust you want to captivate, fall in love and even evoke feelings, you can use storytelling as a model for writing and developing the case.

After all, who doesn’t love stories with happy endings?

Taking advantage of the occasion, I invite Malta WhatsApp Number List you to learn about the success story of Aliat Universities with Rock Content , in a strategy that has generated beautiful results for the digital presence of this Mexican educational institution.

3. Ebooks (preferably interactive)

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For many, a book has changed their lives forever. And this can also be achieved by a digital and summarized version, such as ebooks.

An ebook, for example, can be the reading that your lead needed to discover how to solve and meet a prevailing need and, thus, hire a product.

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