Douyin is not only remarkable in product accumulation and customer retention,

but also in commercialization, it has also started a domestic vertical screen native video advertisement attempt. Many brands have seen the growth and tonality of Douyin,

and “two micros and one shake” has Switzerland Phone Number become a standard for advertisers.

Focusing on the commercialization of Douyin, why did Toutiao domineeringly set the KPI of “rushing 50 billion and securing 30 billion” in 2018? However, it mostly involves Toutiao’s product matrix, internationalization strategy, Douyin’s products and operation strategy .

Research Methods and Limitations

Mainly desktop research . (Well, it’s research done by sitting in front of a computer without spending money) For example, various interviews with various leaders official account media articles, headline Switzerland Phone Number recruitment websites, Douyin official account and Weibo, posing as advertisers and Toutiao agents, own yy, etc.

Doing this little research is just like doing research on competing products, and using Douyin to “kill time” in an open and honest way, in fact, I want to explore why I am addicte. In addition, because he is engage in the advertising business, he can be considere dedicate to the business.

Research background and scope

Switzerland Phone Number

There is no research funding, and it is a rough report  in spare time.

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The thinking is not deep enough, so Switzerland Phone Number we can only cross-validate the second-hand information, but the focus is on attracting others. We hope that we can criticize and correct the wrong things so that we can correct them.

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