According to 99firms with influencer marketing statistics: Nearly 50% of consumers follow recommendations from influencers. 60 % of consumers have been influenced by social networks or blogs while shopping in a store. 70 % of teens trust influencers more than other celebrities. Influencer marketing campaigns generate more than 6 dollars for every dollar invested . But why are consumers turning away from outbound marketing content and starting to trust influencers when it comes to product recommendations ?

Because Influencers Are More Interesting

To the audience than brands: they are authentic and can Namibia Phone Number easily bridge the gap between a company and its target audience. Naturella voxfeed campaign Influencer marketing is rapidly growing in popularity as a tool that is affordable and generates quick results. If you can partner with influencers in your industry and have them promote your brand. Chances are you’ll get more leads. And if you’re not quite sure how to do it, we have some tips to help you. 4 tips for demand generation.

Namibia Phone Number
Namibia Phone Number

The Difference Explained

Prestashop it is one of . Its growth increases every day thanks to its usability and the ease of its open source. It is quite easy to use if you need basic features. Pres it has a clear user interface, with different template options, although not all of them are free, as is its support. Its intuitive management and the simplicity of its configuration stand out, although in some cases it will be necessary to have knowledge of html to modify its functionalities. Magnet this platform is used for all types of projects, although it is more common among large and medium-sized businesses with a view to growth.

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