Pros and Cons of DRAVE custom handles

This review is written transparently to share the experience with the public. I do not get any incentive from any party. Please note.

There are usually three reasons for us to change the original reel handle:

Reduce weight
More beautiful appearance
Just like using a car, we will definitely not be held back to change sport rims. It’s the same with the reel, who can’t resist looking at the beautiful handle. Right?

But is it worth changing the handle just for the sake of external appearance

Nah. It’s up to you. Each one’s taste, each Phone Number List one’s pocket. lol

To be sure, it has nothing to do with making us catch more fish.

The real reason to change the reel handle
drave handle baitcaster

I changed the handle reel not because of purely cosmetic factors.

If you are a baitcaster shimano calcutta conquest 101 (version 2014) user like me, you will definitely admit that the reel is one of the best ever created.

With a charming external appearance, a silky smooth feel and bearings on every moving part, making this reel almost perfect.

So it’s no wonder it’s the flagship for Shimano.

But there is one thing I don’t like about this reel – the original paddle is too short.

This size is less comfortable for me some other people feel the opposite Anyway

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So, a slightly longer handle/paddle would be a great BEB Directory improvement for my reel.

The difference between a long handle and a short handle
long handle vs short handle
What is the significant effect after changing the original handle on the reel?
What are the advantages of using a long handle?

– Increase in terms of power.

In terms of physics, your paddle or reel handle actually works as a lever.

When we use a longer lever (pedal), it will allow you to apply more torque.

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