We are now seeing many of the changes announced by AdWords in May across all accounts.

While each new feature works perfectly with your current account structure, your setup may not be the most efficient anymore. So maybe it’s time to revisit the debate about AdWords account structure. I’ll explain how each of the new features can change your opinion on the right structure for an AdWords account.


All accounts now have the ability to create ETAs

All accounts now have the ability to create etas. Since the results have been mixed as reported by andy taylor and ginny marvin. I recommend not removing Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List old ads – at least for now. Although google has announced. A firm date when it will no longer be possible to create legacy ads. (october 26, 2016). They have not announced when legacy ads will no longer run. So if the old ads sometimes outperform your new ads. There’s no rush to make the switch.


When determining which ad to keep, you’ll obviously want to look beyond click-through rate (CTR). Google has touted CTR improvements in some of its case studies, but we really should assess the impact of new ads on metrics like “conversions per impression,” which combines CTR and conversion rate.

In this illustration from our own Optmyzr account


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Notes on expanded text ads and account structureThe reason why ETAs impact account structure is that there is no support for mobile favorite ads. In other words, the same ETA will be displayed on all device types.If in the past you’ve found that different messages perform better on mobile devices, you can tell Google that you’d prefer to use a different ad for searches on those devices. This is no longer possible, and after October 26, any new ad you create will be shown on all devices.





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