Which companies understood the concept of Unique Selling Proposition and accurately exemplified it? We have listed the main ones to inspire you.

The Economist
What can differentiate one newspaper from another? Within this segment, it is even more important to be able to find a differential, especially with so much competition in digital media and shocking changes in the sector.

Betting on how easy it is to find information, The Economist focuses on a deeper analysis of each story. With the USP ” You’ve seen the news, now discover the story “, the newspaper makes its purpose clear.

The economist unique selling proposition

Turkey Airlines
The Turkish aviation company bets on its scope to conquer the consumer with “Flying to most countries”.

An interesting curiosity is to compare it, for example, with the USP of Emirates: ” don’t just fly, fly better ” (something like “it doesn’t just fly, it flies better”). That is, a completely different approach within the same segment.

unique selling proposition turkish airlines
How to create a Unique Selling Proposition?
Now that you know how the Unique Selling Proposition is essential for those who want to stand out in the market and improve sales performance, it’s time to create it.

Look at the step by step that we have separated for you!

1. Know your audience
The first step to creating a Unique Selling Japan WhatsApp Number List Proposition efficiently and accurately is to thoroughly understand your audience. At the end of the day, the difference you choose to highlight must be relevant to consumers who may be interested in your company.

Preferences, needs, challenges, goals and behaviors: this is the best way to find out what will be more interesting.

2. Analyze your competition

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Another important point is to check what your competitors are doing. What are the USPs of those who compete for the same consumer?

Emirates, for example, focuses on the quality and experience of flights.

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