As you can already imagine, the main objective of role plays is to prepare the sales team to deal with different clients and scenarios . By adopting a more entertaining approach, the company favors the pedagogical process and facilitates the learning of its employees.

The specific objectives of each role play session are defined according to the scenario. Imagine, for example, the onboarding process of a new employee who, although qualified, is not used to the sales approaches proposed by the company.

Even if you have experience working at other companies, the way you handle the lead varies from company to company. In addition, it does not depend only on the solutions of the company, but also on the particularities of the person.

So, the role plays function as a training

dynamic that allows standardizing the use Paraguay WhatsApp Number List of best sales practices . Even the most experienced professionals in the company can practice the exercises to:

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  • correct vices,
  • adapt to new customers,
  • exercise rapport ,
  • Familiarize yourself with the company ‘s value proposition
  • and learn new trading techniques.

What are the advantages of role plays?

Group dynamics and training programs are, without a doubt, essential practices to keep the sales team updated and motivated. However, it is necessary to innovate

and create stimulating exercises, in the end, the pedagogical process depends a lot on the engagement of the participants.

Due to its ingenious and, to a certain point, relaxed.

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