A change in the robots.txt file, a few lines of code added by a smart guy, etc. This is called negative on-page SEO , and it is arguably the most difficult to discover! Negative SEO is an invisible disease whose effects on your website Chad Email List can be catastrophic. Do not wait until it is too late: take the necessary preventive measures! Before starting to print a document in the print shop, you must validate a proof. What is a BAT and how does it work? When you order, from a communication agency, the visual design of a print document (business card, flyer, poster, sales brochure, leaflet, etc.), you are asked to validate a final step before the launch of the printing, this step is that of the BAT.

Printing the document. A Print is a printing simulation of a graphic creation also called a contractual proof. This proof makes it possible both to check the conformity of the printing and to formalize the validation by the principal via his signature and the mention Bon  Tirer. Once the proof is signed by the customer, the document is printed in accordance with it. The proofreading step is strongly recommended before launching the final printing of a long-running document. This proof is submitted to the customer for verification of compliance before approval, so it is the last step before final printing. This proof must therefore be verified by the client or the agency, signed and then sent to the printer to start printing the document.

The Print Proof is the last step before

The proof serves as a written agreement and releases the printer from any liability for any errors observed a posteriori, such as. If the visual design of the communication medium needs to be changed after viewing the proof, the customer can ask the communication agency to make changes, a new proof will be presented to him for validation. When the printing conforms to expectations, the customer signs and writes the mention Bon à Tirer on the proof. The proof becomes at this moment a contractual document , it certifies the customer’s approval and commits the printer to produce and deliver the expected result.


When printing a document through an online printer, proofreading is very often an option. Printing can be started after a simple check of the conformity of the file to be printed. Indeed, a file intended for printing must respect a series of technical specifications such as the color profile or the respect of a template. Compliance with these technical specifications is imperative to obtain a result that conforms to the validated graphic design. The offset (English term “to set off”) comprises successive stages preceding printing. The document to be printed is reproduced on a medium, in this case an engraved metal plate.

This printing process is simpler than

Indeed, the tool used is a laser printer and the document is reproduced directly on paper. This technique is faster because the visual is printed as is and there is less handling and drying time. It is also less expensive. It brings together standardized and referenced colors in a Pantone Color Chart, associating a number with each color. In the case of a document printed in four-color, the proof is provided on a Cromalin, to validate the colors, their placements and their values. The Cromalin is a color proofing system for documents intended to be printed, serving. It is a document signed by the customer for the first prints, it also serves as a control document.

The term “ internal mesh ” therefore denotes   the organization of these internal links within the same site. However, to be truly effective, this architecture is subject to a number of rules. In particular, the drafting of relevant anchors that correspond to the content to which they refer, and the establishment of a silo structure and / or a semantic cocoon . Internal links help to facilitate navigation on your site . In addition to a more successful user experience (access to essential information is facilitated), the internal network directs visitors to certain specific pages. But for what purpose? Convert them into customers: links to the contact page, to newsletter subscription, to the shopping cart, etc.

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