That is one of the pillars of a role play exercise. It is essential that vendors are prepared to deal with the most diverse types of consumers . So draw a map of the ones that most relate to you and simulate a convincing situation .

Some customers, for example, have a habit of interrupting the salesperson during their approach. Others just don’t object. There are more detailed consumers and others who are more practical, who only want to know the characteristics of the product.

Therefore, write scripts focused on each of those  apply different approaches.

Identify and work on the weak point of the sellers

In addition to dealing with the different types of consumers, it is important to pay attention to the diversity in the characteristics of sellers. Therefore, identify the weaknesses of each of your professionals and explore them in order to find solutions to eliminate them .

It could be, for example, that one of your Philippines WhatsApp Number List salespeople gets nervous when confronted by a customer. He emulates a situation in which that happens and pays attention to how it goes, taking notes to convey useful information to the seller.

It is important that the exercise is

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repeated a few times, so that the employee can gradually become more comfortable with the scenario.

Role play is a very effective technique for training and qualifying salespeople. From the representation of different scenarios, it is possible to work on the

skills of professionals and, at the same time, train them to acquire practical experience.

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