Despite a brand new, beautiful website and a professional blog that you regularly post, your phone still Mexico Email List does not ring? The order book remains hopelessly empty? This is not a surprise: in themselves, your  gital media are not enough. They must be put at the service of a real web marketing strategy. But with what sources of traffic? The planet has about 3.81 billion Internet users, or more than half of the total population. In France alone, 85% of people have Internet access (including 100% of 13-39 year olds) , with 74% of Internet users using the web on a daily basis. (Figures: The moderator’s blog .).

What professional would not want to take advantage of this windfall? To attract even a tiny portion of those millions of users to its website? Because the number of visitors is the fuel of your web marketing . Your digital business strategy needs Internet users coming to visit your web pages, just as a car needs gasoline, diesel or electricity to move forward. To achieve this, here are 4 sources of traffic to adopt as quickly as possible in order to attract large numbers of visitors (and convert some of them into leads).

The Question Of The Effectiveness

But if your strategy is well designed, the return on investment can be high. Although its results are sometimes mixed, digital advertising can be an extremely powerful source of traffic … As long as it is used in the right way! According to an Adobe Digital Insights study, it is even the number one source of traffic for web marketing, with 68% of all visits to websites originating from an advertisement. These sources can be The secret, however, comes down to one word: personalization . Thanks to their personalized messages, European sites recorded an 8% increase in their overall traffic.


Conversely, web marketers who pursue their blind strategies are confronted with increasingly resistant consumers: 44% of European Internet users who use ad blocking tools (adblocks) find the offers received boring, even embarrassing. They are 34% to consider the products thus offered as uninteresting. If you want digital advertising to become a major source of traffic for your business, personalize your messages! Between those who claim that they can attract visitors and acquire prospects, and those who trumpet that a social strategy has little impact on a trader’s traffic volume.

Of Social Networks As A Source Of Traffic Has

The “Europe Best of the Best 2015” survey conducted by Adobe Digital Insights (and commented on here ) gave a few points on the “i’s”, recalling that interactions between consumers and mainstream brands go a long way through social media. The study indicates, however, that it is mainly the mainstream media (institutional sites and entertainment platforms) that have managed to take advantage of social networks so effectively. These only represent a much smaller source of traffic for other activities. In particular because social profiles can serve as natural referencing levers for content published on a site or a blog, thanks to the sharing options: via Facebook or Twitter, you have the possibility of reaching an unprecedented segment of the population, made accessible through members of your community.

In addition, content has a chance to show up in the SERPs if it is relevant enough, thus increasing its visibility. Note that within the framework of this source of traffic, Google + must remain a priority: the social platform of the search engine is, in fact, logically favored by its parent company when positioning the pages in the results of the SERPs. The mobile marketing , or “m-commerce”, represented in France some 7 billion euros in 2016 (against 3.7 billion the previous year) . A quarter of online sales were made via a mobile terminal, for an average annual sum of € 712. In addition, 84% of mobile users surf the mobile web on a daily basis. (Source: AppsVision)

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