SEO optimization of a news site

News sites fight every day to rank at the top of search results to attract as many visitors as possible. This market is characterized by a very high level of competition. To get ahead of your rivals, it is not enough to simply fill the site with fresh and relevant content. The resource also needs to be optimized in accordance with search engine recommendations. First of all, this will make the site convenient for visitors and, as a result, raise it in search results. SEO optimization In this article, i will briefly discuss how to optimize news sites so that they appeal to both users and search engines. 1. Setting up navigation within the site dozens of new pages appear on news sites every day. And if the navigation system is not debugged, users will simply leave, unable to find the information they need in the endless stream of articles.

Setting up navigation within the site

This will lead to an inevitable deterioration in behavioral factors, an increase in the bounce rate, and a decrease in the site’s ranking. To set up navigation that makes your site user-friendly, take care of the aspects listed below. 1.1. Site structure a well-thought-out site structure is necessary for easy navigation. It should be simple and understandable for both users Phone Number List and search engine bots. The structure is built on the basis of a semantic core: groups of queries predetermine categories, subcategories and tags. Which i will discuss later in the article. The correct website structure must meet the following requirements. Clear hierarchy of sections and subsections; the ability to scale so that when new pages are added. The site structure does not change; the nesting level of pages should not be more than three; page urls must follow the cnc principle.

Tags and categories SEO optimization

When thinking about the structure, you can turn to the experience of competitors. The crawler will help you with thisnet peak spider. To analyze your competitor’s structure, follow these steps: in the sidebar, select the minimum settings template to speed up scanning. Enter the domain of the site whose structure you want to analyze into the address BEB Directory bar and click “start”. The scan result can be seen on the “reports” → “structure” tab. For subsequent detailed analysis, download the structure as a report via the “export” → “site structure” menu. The report will clearly show the structure with the end pages, the values ​​of the analyzed parameters and the level of url nesting. 1.2. Tags and categories categories group posts and make it easier for visitors to find the content they need. 

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