Since face-to-face sales continue to be limited, the trend towards online commerce will continue to grow, becoming a natural habit even for those who have never bought online before. Ecommerce Faced with this panorama, e- commerce must begin to worry about setting up websites not only focused on closing commercial transactions, but also responding to a comprehensive strategy to improve the experience of their customers. The reason is simple, the success of e- commerce is in retention and we talked about it in the “Masterclass: Hubspot Marketing to personalize the e-commerce shopping experience” with the participation of David Torres, Latam Sales Manager at HubSpot.

We manage 100% of the growth of your ecommerce – Get to know Impulse Ecommerce Financial model of ecommerce or retail When we talk about e-commerce, we are talking about a distribution model whose success is determined by adjusting efficiencies and inefficiencies to find profitability. We can see this with an example: Let’s think of a USA Phone Number that sells a product for $10 dollars. It costs the company $5 to purchase the product and $3 goes to acquisition and operating costs, resulting in $2 profit per unit. If you manage to do this process with 5 different people, you will generate $10 in profit. But what if you sell multiple times to the same person? We will find that the cost of acquisition decreases and profits increase with each subsequent transaction.

Many Think That The Challenge

Of ecommerce is to invest to generate customers, when in reality the real success is to make customers buy continuously and then recommend someone else. loyal customer of an ecommerce Where are the opportunities? To make this retention model work we need to find opportunities and use technology to deliver an experience that is even above the price and the product itself. To achieve this, we must start working on reducing the acquisition cost and increasing the lifetime value. However, many businesses are not familiar with these important ecommerce KPIs and, more worryingly, do not measure them. These variables will allow to have a clearer idea about the actions to follow. To grow the market and be efficient with the use and nutrition of the database.

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In this way you will have healthy growth, at scale and that. Is not as expensive as investing only in ads. the 5 best kpi to. Measure the success of your ecommerce strategy In addition. In that nutrition there is another opportunity: the interaction with the prospects. Many companies do not know how to do it or are not in interacting with their base. And this often results in margin burn, because they are to offering discounts to close sales. Instead of understanding the cycle of their prospects. Ultimately, it’s about delivering excellent customer service without increasing operating costs.

Therefore, If We Want To Be Successful

In this company, we must focus on scaling the ability to deliver great customer service using processes, not costs. And here is the winning strategy: 1. Generate traffic Website traffic equals potential market. The more traffic, the more market. 2. Pre-transactional conversion According to statistics, only 2% of the people who visit an ecommerce make a purchase. If companies take the purchase as the only opportunity to establish a relationship with the consumer. Then they are wasting 98% of their visits. This is why it is so necessary to incorporate pre-transactional conversions. So that you can develop a strategy that helps attract people without the commitment of necessarily making a financial transaction.

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