As you can see, the 5 W rule is an effective solution to bring your articles to life. In addition to helping you in creating it, it is useful for staying relevant and factual Algeria Email List on the topic being discussed . This is why we strongly advise you to apply it to all your web writing. As previously mentioned in the introduction, a cookie is a text file containing certain information about your visit to a given website. This information is recorded by your browser. Cookies facilitate the acceleration of your navigation by preloading your parameters when opening the site. In addition, their service life does not exceed 13 months. Then, you will have to accept the site’s cookies policy again. Cookies save your data in the form of an alphanumeric code .

For example, when you put items in your shopping cart on an e-commerce platform, they are saved in the code. Thus, if you do not confirm the purchase until the next day, the items will still be in your basket. But the usefulness of cookies does not stop at your visit settings. Indeed, they also apply the saving of your login details . Thus, when you connect to sites on which you are registered, the latter offers to automatically fill in the identification boxes for you. Finally, you should know that there are five categories of cookies, three of which are necessary. There are so-called strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies and finally, functionality cookies.

Cookies automatically apply logins

Thus, the identification on the visited site is done more simply. But it is not a systematic technique. Indeed, your connection information is contained in a cookie on your web browser. You then have the choice to save your login details. The storage of display settings is one of the functions offered by cookies. Indeed, they will offer you pages based on those you have visited previously. By personalizing the site visited, it will remain, thanks to cookies, in the same configuration when you return. Cookies also make it easier to analyze your connection behavior. Indeed, they offer the owner of the site the possibility of following your connection journey. Thus, it can offer ever more relevant content according to your different choices.

Here too, we are on an identification parameter. If you like an article, just click on the share icon. The connection information is then read in a cookie in order to perform the operation. By doing research on Google, you feed the cookies of your browser. Indeed, they retain your centers of interest. This makes it easier for these sites to offer you targeted advertising based on your tastes. Information about cookies is stored in your browser cache . Since files take up a lot of space, they slow down your computer. It is therefore advisable to empty your cache regularly to avoid this type of inconvenience. However, there is another reason to consider. Indeed, data protection (RGPD) is a more sensitive point around cookies. Some users see it as a violation of their privacy.

Nevertheless, cookies contain a lot of

Iformation intended to facilitate your navigation. By deleting them, you slow down the connection to certain sites. Fortunately, you can choose to delete cookies. Under Internet explore the option is found by following the Tools tab, then Internet Option. When you get to the Browsing history, you just have to delete it, taking care to check the box cookies and saved website data. In Firefox, you must go to Option, then Privacy and security. Here, it is possible to erase your recent history always by checking the cookie box. Finally, for Mac users, Opera also offers the possibility of getting rid of Cookies. To do this, simply go to the Tools tab, select Delete confidential data and then Delete all cookies.

There are many reasons why a site takes a long time to load. Often, the slowness comes from the hosting which is done on a shared server rather than a dedicated server. It can also come from a heavy wordpress theme or from JavaScript or CSS files that must be compressed. Sometimes it even happens that it is a bandwidth issue on your end! The loading speed is a parameter that you absolutely must take into account in the list of optimizations to make to your website. Although its influence on your SEO is minimal, it has an immediate impact on the user experience . Indeed, the bounce rate of a site that loads in more than 5 seconds is twice as high as for a site that loads in 1 second.

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