It also has assets rights management, making it easy to track when contracts need updating. Batch uploading ensures you won’t have to sit there watching all of your assets load one at a time.

Widen is more expensive than some of  but has many features and integrations that could make it worth it for your business.


With Bynder, you can configure your workspace to work for you. It supports all types of digital media, and you can download files in whatever format you need, saving time on file conversions.

Bynder also allows you to track usage El Salvador WhatsApp Number List rights and expirations, ensuring you never use an image or video with an expired contract again.

You can try a free trial to make sure it works and scales with your business as it grows.

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CoSchedule Asset Organizer

CoSchedule is great for digital marketing teams,  in the first place and it comes with the whole marketing suite. You can share assets seamlessly internally and externally,  in the first place and the calendar function can help things stay organized.

Asset Bank

Asset Bank has excellent support and makes switching over easy with their onboarding service. It is easy to use and organize with highly customizable options for your business needs.

You can use a ton of third-party integrations to make sure everything you use, including CMS systems, can interface with it seamlessly.

Pick a Digital Asset Management Software That Works for Your Specific Needs

We hope this has helped clarify some of the digital asset.

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