Quickly catches the attention of advertisers. It is calculated by Google taking into account: Keyword click-through rate The relevance of a particular keyword The quality of the landing page. The higher this score, the more Sweden Consumer Email List consistent your campaign and the more Internet users are considered satisfied. The ideal is therefore to aim for a high score. In reality, the higher that score and the CTR, the less money the clicks cost you. Your budget will therefore be used to bring more income. The number of clicks The analysis of the number of clicks is used to determine the most popular keywords among Internet users and the number of people who clicked on them to land on your web page .

It is therefore the best indicator to estimate the traffic generated by your keywords. By combining it with the previous performance indicators, you will get a global view of the interest generated by your Google AdWords campaign. Conversion An advertising campaign usually targets specific actions. Traffic analysis alone is therefore not sufficient to determine whether or not business objectives are being met. That’s why it’s recommended that you set up a tracking code on your landing page to track the conversion of people who land on it. The cost per conversion The conversion cost determines how much you spent for each conversion made on your landing page.

The Relevance Of The Keywords Used

In reality, a low cost per click does not necessarily mean that the campaign is effective since the real goal is conversion. On the other hand, a low cost per conversion means that you spend little to get real results. The conversion rate The conversion rate is calculated directly by Google using data from conversion tracking. It corresponds to the percentage of Internet users who have completed an action on your website after clicking on your ad. These actions can be: Buying a product Making an appointment A request for a quote, etc. This indicator is used to identify keywords that generate more conversion on the landing page .


You can therefore decide to concentrate your efforts on these keywords in order to obtain the highest possible conversion rate. Return on investment (ROI) Return on investment is the most powerful indicator to compare the achievement of your business objectives and the expenses incurred by the Google Ads campaign. It is the ratio between the benefits and the cost of expenses . You can calculate the ROI for your campaign by applying the following formula: expenses Take the case of a campaign that brought in a total income of € 10,050. The cost of materials and salaries paid for the campaign are estimated at € 6,000 and the actual cost of advertising is € 700.

This Is One Of The Reasons Why

The return on investment will then be calculated as follows: In this example, the return on investment is 50%. This means that every € 1 you invest earns you € 1.5 in return. Your profit therefore corresponds to € 0.5. While ROI is the key metric for understanding the real effectiveness of your Google AdWards campaign, the metrics listed above will help you understand how your landing page and ads are contributing to your ad campaign goals. They will then be used to determine the strengths of your Google AdWords campaign and those to improve to derive maximum benefit.

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