E-commerce sites will not be the only ones affected. Google has already announced that all websites will need to be secure in the future. For the moment, this deadline North Korea Email List has not yet been revealed by Google. It may be in the course of 2017. Web security has been a priority for Google for years. Google’s message about reporting unsafe sites is a logical continuation of previous announcements. We are starting to use HTTPS as a positioning factor. For now, this indicator has very little weight in order to give webmasters time to switch to the HTTPS protocol. Gmail, Google search and YouTube have enjoyed secure connections for a long time. We also started slightly improving the ranking of HTTPS URLs in search results last year.

Browsing the web should be a private experience between the user and the website, without giving rise to acts of espionage, man-in-the-middle attacks or data changes . That is why we strongly support the generalization of HTTPS. We have been advocating for over a year that you adopt the SSL certificate as soon as you can, here are some details: As part of a website creation or redesign, HTTPS is required. For e-commerce sites and sites collecting confidential data, we recommend switching to HTTPS as quickly as possible. If your website does not collect any sensitive data, you can wait for the next Google announcement.

Ssl Certificate And Https Protocol?

The color guide for 2017 has just been published by Pantone Color Institute. This guide is the result of collaborative work between New York Fashio Week and Pantone Fashion Coor . In fashion and of course in the web, 10 shades will be trendy for 2017. colors-trends-spring-summer-2017-pantone-fashion-color-reportPantone Color Institute. The color Niagara Gray Blue evokes desire, relaxation, comfort and reliability. Yellow Primrose Yellow  creates warmth, vitality, enthusiasm, good humor and remember the energy of the sun. The blue of Lapis Blue inspires strength and confidence. Flame orange is based on red. This color is flamboyant and vivacious. Sky blue Island Paradise is synonymous with invasion and relaxation. Pale Dogwood Rose is calming and inspires innocence and purity.


Greenery green is  reminiscent of greenery, exploration and oxygen. Fuchsia Pink Yarrow is a captivating, stimulating and festive color. Kale green evokes a healthy lifestyle and the great outdoors. The hazelnut color Hazelnut is reminiscent of nature, the earth and it is a transitional color.  In the web, the use of these shades and nuances of colors allows the Internet user to be immersed more and more in a stimulating or calming universe, by optimizing the user experience . For all companies targeting a trend-sensitive target, it is best to be on the “trend” using the colors of the moment. To do this, if you have a web graphic charter and want to follow the color trend for 2017, you can also integrate new trends in terms of Web design.

Ssl Or Not? Our Advice For 2017

Even if at the beginning we feared that smartphones would be a waste of time and a source of deconcentration, today many organizations are witnessing the remarkable efficiency gains achieved thanks to the mobile. A business application not only boosts your productivity , but also improves the image of your brand , giving it an innovative facet. It is possible to create a business application for any need. Internal communication, project management or prospecting while traveling … Each identified need is a good inspiration to create a mobile application. We are emphasizing the “business” aspect here, but associations and public bodies are also benefiting from the mobile boom.

One example is the Test Academia application developed by Yeeply, the marketplace for mobile and web professionals . The application allows access to teachers and students of IFSES. They can therefore consult them at any time and from any location without having to print them. In addition to saving time, Test Academia is a nice gesture for the environment. Mobile development provides a solution for every need of your business. It’s up to you to see what your goals are. Let us nevertheless cite a few examples of uses of mobile applications within companies to inspire you. Facilitate administrative and financial management

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