What you should know about the 3 stages of the customer journey for an e-commerce Learn here what each stage of the customer journey consists of and what you must do as an e-commerce to attract and retain more customers. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO For any brand with an online product sales business model, it is almost impossible to formulate any type of strategic plan for customer engagement if you are not sure of the stages of the customer journey for your e-commerce . At the time when traditional commerce with physical stores reigned supreme and e-commerce was just a dream, this journey was much easier to trace.

Advertising channels were limited (the classics such as press, television and radio) and the rest of the purchase decision was reduced to the ease of navigation in the store, the location of the product and competitive factors such as price. With the France Phone Number of e- commerce , especially in 2020 where online shopping was embraced by more people than ever in light of the coronavirus pandemic; the list of platforms, marketing channels and developments in the area grows a little more every day. For this reason, to know how customers want to engage today throughout their journey with brands, you need to know their journey.

E-commerce Buyer Stage

Product Discovery and Research The user’s buying process doesn’t start when someone goes to their keyboard, goes to Google and unleashes their thoughts. Product discovery begins long before a search engine gets involved. The customer journey begins when an unfulfilled need or want arises in the consumer’s life. For example, if they just noticed that their favorite jeans are ripped or that they can’t sleep too many nights in a row because of sleeping on an old mattress, they’re identifying a pain. Consider a person who decides to take more walks in the winter to spend the days at home.

France Phone Number

This avid outdoorsman didn’t wake up one cold winter morning and decide. Today I’m going to climb an icy mountain” without preparation. Instead, the idea has been brewing for months. Along with a mental checklist of needs he must satisfy to make his dream come true. After many initial searches, receiving social ads , perusing blogs from veteran hikers, and reviewing brands. Online store reviews, you’ll finally be able to make a decision on which winter gear is best for getting from Point A to Peak B. Although it may seem like a lot, it all started with just a thought months before the moment of purchase. Just like the hiker, each new consumer will have a unique journey for each product they buy online.

That Is The Beauty And The Curse

Of e-commerce! You never know exactly what will make a consumer convert, and the path to purchase is not always linear. Google searches Stage 2: Purchases and conversion The first stage was the catalyst that brought someone to the store. What follows is the part of their journey where they begin to compare not only products and prices. But also benefits like shipping and returns. As well as intangibles like values, mission, and experience. As prospective customers peruse digital store shelves, keep in mind that this is when shoppers are most active and hands-on . They are learning about the store, clicking through to the website, scrolling through product pages. Adding things to their carts, and really putting the store under a microscope.

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