The Soft Touch is a premium finish for printing your communication media . This matt lamination protects and enhances the color of communication media. It provides additional protection against scratches and UV rays. It is a transparent film based on waxes and polyurethane. The soft touch is a little thicker than the traditional lamination and Sao Tome and Principe Email List the printed support more elegant, it gives to the touch a pleasant feeling of peachy, velvety skin. This finish plays a protective role, while providing a pleasant feeling to the touch and a premium appearance to your prints. Why will you succumb to the Soft Touch effect? Soft touch lamination is a heat-sealed protective layer,


it provides strong resistance to your printing and more: It increases the longevity of printed products The lamination makes your documents waterproof and oil proof and protects against tears. It makes the color quality of the prints better The cover of your paper supports is more attractive and gives a qualitative and luxurious appearance. Laminating beautifies your documents giving a better quality finish. It allows a better grip in the hand and a pleasant peachy skin sensation Once laminated, the documents are thicker and do not risk bending with the added bonus of a pleasant feeling to the touch, between the velvet and the peachy skin, it is intended to replace the matt lamination.

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view of A Tout’Heure business card On which communication medium can I use the Soft touch? Almost all, you just have to define where you want to apply the lamination, it will depend on the type of support and its use. Whether it is a business card, a sales brochure or a brochure, the soft touch lamination affixed to the cover gives your support a more qualitative appearance. It also preserves the good resistance of the colors while offering your support protection against humidity. The soft touch finish is ideal for printing the following communication media: Business cards , Share them, Postcards, Invitation cards, Commercial brochures The flyers (…) Little reminder,

To ensure a qualitative print result of your paper communication medium, it is also fundamental to choose the appropriate type of paper. The most suitable is coated paper 350 grams matt, for: Its strength and rigidity, A longer lifespan of your communication media, The mat restricts the appearance of fingerprints. Presentation business cards anthedesign 3d Soft Touch lamination3D view Soft Touch lamination business card To conclude, The Soft Touch lamination gives a touch of prestige to your prints. It is difficult to illustrate it in a photo because it is to the touch that it takes all its interest: as soft as velvet, it will hold the attention .

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This finish has met with significant success, it makes it possible to obtain high-end communication media without breaking the bank, its democratization making it more and more competitive. The Simplified Url allows you to modify the alias of your URL and add keywords. Once these changes have been made, all you have to do is wait for Google to take them into account and follow the evolution of your positioning . The url currently stands out with an average position of 23 on , to be continued … After you have completed the optimization of your product sheets, registering in price comparators such as Google

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