controversial campaign for the Copa América 2015. How it could affect your Online Reputation. #TremblaTottus Founder – CEO On the occasion of the Copa América, held this year in Chile, Tottus, Taiwan Phone Number a supermarket chain, launched a promotional campaign, which has caused some discomfort to most Peruvian consumers. According to its General Manager.

Reasons for Using WordPress

Marketing strategy? Check out these 7 alternative tips for constant improvement. Marco Chunga Marco Chunga Account Manager Social platforms have become a key part of many people’s lives and are often where people go when they have a question, comment or complaint about a company they have interacted with. Does your company have a presence on social media.

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Consumers Took It As A Mockery

It will reach the final and therefore no one would get their money back. We know that today, consumers have a reliable, efficient and secure tool in social networks. Where they share their opinions, positive or negative, and that these can have an immediate impact. That in a few hours, can improve or destroy the online reputation of a brand . Given this current reality.

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