The structure of your account is a criterion taken into account for the quality score: a granular campaign will reduce your investment. Upload attractive ads The ads Suriname Email List for each ad group must be clear and precise in order to present the advantages of the product or service to the Internet user. They all contain a title, two descriptive lines, and a display URL. It is very important that the keyword entered by the Internet user appears in the advertisement, he must be convinced that the advertisement corresponds to his request. In the case of e-commerce, the ad must highlight the advantages of the offer and indicate how it is better than its competitors.

If it is a promotion, it must be highlighted in the ad in order to attract the Internet user and improve the click-through rate (CTR) . Google AdWords lets you control: The duration of your advertising campaign (until the start date and the end date), The number of activated announcements, The days of the week and the times of the day when the announcements are shown, Your budget with the amount you are ready to invest daily, The match of your keywords (broad, exact query, etc.) The geographic area and language of the Internet users you are targeting (the whole of France? One city only? A set of cities? English speakers who live in France, etc.).

Themes And Associating A Theme

Enrich the list of keywords It is important to use all the keywords that the Internet user can type if he is interested in your offer. The creation of the list of keywords is first of all the result of human work. For the enrichment of this list, you can use the AdWords planning tool and other online services such as Yooda Insight . Redirect to relevant pages It is very important to optimize the landing pages. When the Internet user clicks on your ad, they must be redirected to a page in line with their request and the hook.  Example  for an e-commerce site, the landing page must absolutely correspond to the page of the product sought by the Internet user.


If the Internet user is redirected to the home page, the bounce rate will be higher than if he is redirected to the page presenting the products in question. For a sales target, the “buy” button must be visible on the landing page. Manage your campaign with Quality Score in mind The Quality Score is represented by a score between 1 and 10 for each keyword. The Quality Score is an algorithm created by Google to assess the relevance of a keyword within an AdWords account. To judge the relevance of showing your ad on a particular keyword, Google’s algorithm analyzes 3 inseparable criteria: the keyword, the ad and the landing page.

It Is Important To Create Structured

Quality Score – Google Quality Score The Quality Score has a direct impact on the CPC of your keywords and the ranking of your ads. The higher the Quality Score, the lower your CPC and your advantageous position. Like any Google algorithm, only Google knows it, you just have to find out through the optimization of your campaigns. Measure the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns It is also important to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaign . This will help you in particular to measure its profitability and optimize to increase the profits generated.

After all, you can’t improve what you haven’t measured. Some performance indicators (KPIs) are specially adapted for this. The traffic generated Traffic performance indicators are the easiest to measure the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns. You will find many metrics to use on the Google AdWords dashboard. The most used are: Click-through rate (CTR) The click-through rate is certainly the easiest parameter to analyze on the Google Ads dashboard. It is the ratio of the number of clicks received by your ad and the number of impressions. It is expressed as a percentage. The higher the CTR, the more the keywords used for the campaign are considered relevant to Internet users.

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