The choice of keywords largely determines your natural referencing strategy, so you must start your Timor Leste Email List web referencing strategy with this essential step. Intuitive search In your keyword research, intuition will always be the first phase of exploration before using other techniques discussed below. The intuitive approach consists of putting yourself in the shoes of an average Internet user typing his request into an engine to find his information. Then list all the terms that closely approximate or refer to your activity or your product (synonyms, variants, geographic landmarks, temporality, competitors, etc.) . This primary collection of keywords is essential but insufficient nowadays as the competition is important on the web, thousands of pages certainly deal with the same subject as you.

You must then identify the keywords with high added value for the search engines. Keyword generators In addition to the intuitive approach, many tools allow you to work on the lexical field of your keywords and their frequency of use on search engines. The key word generators propose expressions relating to the entered expressions, the example of the key word “key word” is interesting in this regard, starting with its spelling accepting several accepted variants: key words, key words, key word, word -key… Database tools such as Yooda Insight or Keyword Tool or Semrush also make it possible to offer all variants in terms of spelling and in several languages.

Intuitive And Comparative Research

These keyword generators are often from the giants of online advertising, the most used being Google AdWords Keywords Generator , it is based on queries typed on Google. Competitive keyword analysis It is essential to carefully study the competitive sector in which you plan to compete. This analysis will bring you relevant information in your process of choosing keywords, it will allow you to consolidate or not your intuitive approach. If you know how to do it, this analysis can be quick and easy to implement. Method 1  : Search for keywords in the source code (To view the source code of a page, just right click and click “view source code”).

Timor Leste Email List

Observe the terms between the. The first indicate the title of the page and therefore the keywords relating to the general theme of the content, while the metadata give indications to the robots of the search engines. Other optimization areas can also be scanned such as the editorial Use a diagnostic tool such as Alyze . This tool is very useful for analyzing the markup of a web page. It also analyzes the editorial content of a web page. How to get good keywords with competitive analysis? Editorial content Search engines (Google) seek above all to provide quality service to maintain and increase their market share.

Referencing And The Positioning Of

A quality service is for a search engine to provide relevant search results for each query typed by an Internet user. It is therefore essential to write quality , consistent (more than 300 words per page) and original text content . Original content can be “inspired” by content that already exists on the web, provided that it provides details on certain points or a different organization (beware of duplicate content ) . What is quality content according to Google? The web writing is essentially different story paper, the contents are shorter and do not allow to get to the bottom of the subject in most cases.

Web writing is a special exercise with its own writing rules . Measure the results obtained and its return on investment (ROI) As part of a natural referencing strategy, you must keep in mind the concept of return on investment or ROI (Return On Investment) . ROI for natural referencing Return on investment is the difference between what an action cost you and what you earn. For natural referencing, the notion of ROI requires a long-term vision. Indeed, the optimization of natural referencing aims to make you achieve better positions in the search results in order to generate more traffic on your site.

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