Surely the question ” why my website does not sell ” has been reverberating in recent months. Do not worry! There are many companies that are going through this same situation in which they design an online store and do not obtain the expected results. Today we invite you to detect the mistakes you are making with your website and why the results you are having in sales are not the best. Let’s look at these 6 questions. Do you dare to answer them? how does my website work 1. Does your website work like a business card? Perhaps users enter your page and do not stay long enough because they only find basic information. That is, they see the list of products and/or services you offer and general data such as mission, vision, values, as well as phone numbers, email and, of course, the social networks of your business.

Although it is true that they need to know what we sell, there are currently several ways to present our brand. So look for creative ways to communicate content and make sure that this information is not only on the website, but also replicated on the various social media channels you manage. Remember that including sections such as a blog will Denmark Phone Number you to upload quality content and attract the attention of your potential customers, while positioning yourself as an expert and leader in a topic. 2. Do you offer a good first impression? Users have 0.05 seconds of their time to receive a first impression, so leaving this aspect aside can cause several problems. The most common are usually: high bounce rates, insufficient traffic and little permanence on the page.

In This Case, We Recommend

Renewing the branding of your site. Work on a new typography and more impressive colors, on the presence of images and, why not, a chatbot. And of course, in the loading speed, one of the aspects that visitors value the most. 3. Do you have calls to action (CTAs)? Although users today are more digital and, therefore, more active, not all of them behave in the same way. Many go to websites and if they don’t find a call to action quickly, they’ll leave. For that reason, your future Internet users will need a CTA to advance to the next step. Example: “Download our Inbound Marketing ebook”, “Sign up for our Master Class”, “Donate here”, “Buy now”. If you want to know more about how to engage users with calls to action, we invite you to click here.

Denmark Phone Number

You will learn what a CTA is and how to apply psychology in calls to action. how to make a blog 4. Do you offer content through a blog? Content is gasoline for Google and for your future users! For that reason, if you have a website, this is very important to attract potential customers. Having a blog generates great benefits, it also allows you to create and group various relevant topics about the problems and concerns that prospects have. But beware, be careful because having a blog requires great efforts: you must create a content plan, update it and optimize it with SEO strategies to position yourself in the main search engines, such as Google.

Is Your Website Responsive

Did you know that in 2020 there were 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide and many navigate through cell phones? This means that you must work the mobile version of your e-commerce or website. It is ideal that they, like desktop users, can view all sections with the same clarity. This way you will have the opportunity to get more visits! 6. Do you give importance to SEO? It is useless to have the best design, the best colors, fonts and buttons if no one can find your website in search engines. For this reason, it is recommended that you do a lot of research on Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and can be found through keywords. Don’t spend your entire budget on advertising.

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