language that allows you to style your web pages through style rules. However CSS3 still has some limitations, notably the use of variables like “$ menu”. To begin with, the variables Less, SASS or even Stylus allow you to store USA Email List constants which will be interpreted by the chosen preprocessor. The variables are written as follows: variables What may seem confusing when you discover a preprocessor is to discover variable constants preceded by @ for LESS and $ for Sass. The dollar is also used for PHP variables and the @  is also used for the import in classic CSS. Nesting The Less , SASS or even Stylus preprocessors allow code to be embedded in the same way. With Sass it is also possible to nest properties, which Less does not allow.

A classic css gif css A SASS file nesting gif The Mixins These make your life much easier. It is in a way a Class system which allows a simplification in the writing of your CSS. Let me explain: As you know, Internet Explorer is dead (phew!) But it has done a lot of harm during its existence! Thanks to mixins you can prefix certain style rules which are not yet fully implemented in so-called “modern” browsers. This is the basis of DRY, Don’t Repeat Yourself . mixins However, the css preprocessor goes further with @extend which extends a css class. Mathematical & Logical Operations math These allow the use of mathematical operators.

While Preserving Its Fundamentals

Oh yeah you’ll tell me! and well yes! these war machines will directly calculate your columns to make a small grid just for you! The only negative point is the risk of mixing pixels with percentage values. Extensions For Sass, there is a framework called Compass which allows you to make sprites for your images but not only! Compass allows the use of @include, so you get a prefix for old browsers, which is not insignificant with IE. You also have Susy , a great expansion! Susy allows you to make a grid without going through a bootstrap Twitter class system . This allows you to better control your css because it is not hard-coded directly in the html.


But don’t worry about Less, there is CSScomb , clean-css or even Autoprefixer ! Conclusion As you may have read, one of the advantages of a CSS preprocessor is to simplify your life but be careful, you should not aim only for ease, you risk generating rotten CSS code. Be careful, if you misuse css preprocessors, you will gradually lose your knowledge of pure CSS. Take your time and never lose sight of the fundamentals, this is very important. I recommend that you work on the syntax and you will see what these jewels can do for you. Test  Can I use  , you’ll see, it’s made for you! You can also take the opportunity to discover the Jade style HTML preprocessors which allow this simplification specific to preprocessors.

Its Possibilities And Its W3c Conformity

And you ! Which CSS preprocessor are you using? Comment on our blog and share! To develop a website, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal CMS dominate the market. It is in this context that the CMS Grav arrives, is it a credible alternative? ZEN READING grav CMSUpdated on November 30, 2021 Grav, is a flat File CMS developed by the Rocket Theme team . This team also carried a framework under the Joomla / WordPress multiplatform , named Gantry 5 . I offer you a quick overview of this new CMS … What is Grav? The latter is a  “hybrid CMS” , a mix between two very distinct worlds.

On the one hand you have the CMS with a database such as  WordPress . And on the other, you have the so-called static CMS. What is a dynamic CMS like WordPress? CMS (content management system) like WordPress work with a MySql database . This data regroups all the pages, contents, extensions of your site in the form of tables which will be called or not by the CMS when an Internet user visits your site, one then speaks of dynamic site. CMS that work like WordPress are dependent on a database to function, its content can be administered online by connecting to an administration console. WordPress CMS LogoWordPress CMS Logo What is a static CMS?

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