What’s your favorite magazine? You already have an image in mind, don’t you? Probably one of the magazines covers from your favorite publisher. For me, that would be the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Or one of the iconic Vogue covers that featured Beyonce. I bet you already know precisely the images that I’m talking about. That’s how impactful a great magazine cover design can be. Amazing, right? In this article, I’m going to show you how to design a magazine cover that stands out among all the others and remains in the back of your reader’s mind.

At least until the next issue. Together we’ll discover the anatomy of a magazine cover design and talk about aesthetics, typography, placement, and readers’ psychological profile—basically, all the steps you need to consider to achieve a successful Russia Phone Number cover design that will fly off the shelves in minutes. Get prepared, and let’s get started. design-a-magazine-cover-in-Flipsnack-banner What are the elements of a magazine cover design? The first thing people see when they’re looking at your magazine is the cover. If it speaks to them, hands down, they’ll buy it. However, a great cover design will not only help you sell it easier, but it will also make readers curious and invite them to explore the entire magazine. Yes, that’s how vital a magazine cover is.

But How Do You Know

If a cover design is good enough? Rest assured, you can quickly figure this out by looking at the giants of magazine cover designs and take some inspiration. examples-of-magazine-cover-designs And yes, you also need to follow some practices and use certain elements when designing a magazine cover, but there are many different approaches. No matter what, it’s important to have all the cover design elements work together like a dream. So before we get into more details about how to design a magazine cover, you firstly need to know the fundamental elements. Below, there’s a cover from the pioneer of magazine covers – Vogue. We’ll use it as terminology to see what elements a magazine cover design should contain.

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Essential-elements-of-a-magazine-cover-design-made-in-flipsnack Here are the essential elements of a magazine cover design: Masthead Issue and dateline Main image Lead article Supporting cover lines Bar code Let’s take them one by one and get into more details. Masthead Of course, we have to start with the most important one. The masthead represents the name of the publication and is the most crucial aspect of your magazine cover design. Professionally designed magazine covers make the mast head stand out besides the other elements. Therefore, it’s good practice to set it right in the center and make it as big as possible. It will also help people to recognize your magazine among all the others. So follow what magazine designers do and use a big and bold font for the masthead.

Also Forget That Color

Has a crucial role in making it pop even more. Therefore, it’s helpful to adapt the title’s color to match the image and theme you’ll use on the front cover. Issue and dateline This section contains the date, month, year, and issue number of the publication. Some magazines, like Vogue, only specify the month and year as they only publish one issue for each month. And usually, some magazines also add the price in this section. Main image The main image of the magazine cover is usually a representative illustration of the content within the magazine. It should best reflect what the issue is all about. Big magazines typically portray a well-known celebrity or a visually appealing image that easily triggers an emotion.

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