A great (and easy) way to build trust is with reviews. And by reviews, South Korea Mobile Number we do mean real reviews, written by actual customers who have bought your product. You might not think it worth the effort, but reviews are a great example of how well social proof can work. Social proof is a mental process in which people copy the behavior of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. In addition, search engines also love seeing happy customers talking about your products. So make it possible and put in some effort.

An example of customers reviews on a product page, screenshot.

Making it possible for people to leave reviews about your product is a piece of cake in Shopify. One of the apps that you can use to do so is the (free) app. The app comes with installation instructions on how to properly set up the app and with it, you can show reviews, manage them, reply to them and edit the layout of your reviews.


A great way to showcase your other products South Korea Mobile Number and increase your sales is by using cross-selling. This is a sales technique used to get customers to spend more by highlighting products that are related to what they’re buying or viewing at that moment. This helps customers discover new products and can increase your sales. You will probably have noticed it yourself when browsing products online. Normally, they’re shown below or next to the product with a title like ‘You may also like’ or ‘Other people have also bought’.


Change ‘homepage’ in the dropdown menu at the top to ‘Products


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number

In Shopify, there are a few free themes that allow you to a section with product recommendations.  This section displays a few (automatically-generated) recommended products. To enable this, you go to ‘Online Store -> Themes’ and click ‘Customize’ in your current theme section. -> default product’ and click ‘Product recommendations’ in the menu on the left. Check off the ‘Show dynamic recommendations’ setting and change the other settings if you want to. Don’t forget to click save.

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