Which is why we are starting to use HTTPS as a positioning factor. ” Find the full article on the official Google blog:  The HTTPS protocol as a positioning factor Google’s Catalan Email List message “SSL and SEO” is pretty straightforward so why wait? Why install an SSL certificate? We desperately waited for a first feedback to judge whether it was relevant to install the SSL certificate quickly or simply wait for the next redesign of our site planned for early 2016. In the absence of any return, we took the very moderate risk of installing an SSL certificate for the following reasons: As a web agency and SEO professional, we must be at the forefront of Google’s recommendations in the area of SEO .

We are constantly working on the positioning of our web pages and when Google announces an SEO opportunity, it is always very tempting. We must be able to advise our clients and prospects as well as possible on the strategy to adopt to improve their positioning in search engines, the SSL and SEO couple is from this point of view a winning duo and we are able to to prove. Installation of our SSL certificate We therefore installed our SSL certificate on July 6, 2015, a period when the number of visitors to our website traditionally has declined slightly due to our BtoB positioning .

There Were Still 4 Billion

Installing an SSL certificate involves taking a risk if 301 redirects are poorly mastered, in particular for netlinking. certificate-ssl-browserPresence of a secure connection on the anthedesign.fr site – SSL certificate Find our news on the installation of the SSL certificate:  The AntheDesign web agency adopts the SSL certificate! And you ? Our feedback on the SSL and SEO duo Following the installation of the certificate, we experienced a significant drop in the audience linked to a traditionally lower attendance during the summer. Comparative figures on the frequentation of the anthedesign.fr site before and after the installation of the SSL certificate .


The figures are extracted from the Google Analytics account of the website , they are only of organic origin (Organic Search). Audience of the anthedesign.fr site in 2014 audience site anthedesignAntheDesign website audience summer 2014: 30.69% drop for the months of July and August  source Google analytics From May 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014: 6,946 sessions From July 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014: 4,814 sessions That is to say a drop of 30.69% of the attendance of organic origin for the summer period of the year 2014. Audience of the anthedesign.fr site in 2015 comparative-audience-anthedesign-2015Anthel.

Faced With This Observation

Design website audience summer 2015: 11.79% decrease for the months of July and August source Google analytics From May 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015: 23,660 sessions From July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015: 18,324 sessions That is to say a drop in attendance of 11.79% of organic origin for the summer period of 2015. On reading this raw data, we can see that the installation of the SSL certificate had no negative impact on the level of traffic to the website. During this period, we carried out numerous positioning audits with the observation of significant progress on certain keywords and significant decreases on other keywords.

We mainly saw a high volatility of positions for two to three weeks. With hindsight, we blamed the drop in attendance in July and August to strong competition from the sun and the beach and not to the installation of our SSL certificate. SSL and SEO, a winning duo? Comparison before and after Is installing an SSL certificate an SEO opportunity? Is the SSL and SEO duo a winner? Response with a capture from Google Analytics! comparative-hearing-2015-before-after-sslAudience of the AntheDesign website before and after the SSL certificate | SSL and SEO source analytics Before installing the SSL certificate: from June 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015: 11,636 sessions.

After installing the secure connection: 43,875 sessions  (update of 02/17/2016) That is to say an increase in attendance of 56.44% of organic origin between the month of June and the month of October 2015. Update 02/17/2015 Conclusion of the SEO and SSL experience The increase in traffic on our site has been constant since its creation, this increase in traffic of more than 50% is therefore not linked only to the installation of the SSL certificate but we believe that it is a good bonus and the duo SSL and SEO is declared a winner! We have since advised all our prospects and customers to switch their sites to HTTPS.

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