Christmas represents a large part of the turnover of e-merchants (around 20%) and this period is Zambia Email Lists prepared upstream. For traditional merchants, the Web To Store is the trend not to miss to maintain and increase your sales: Catch up and boost your sales thanks to an e-commerce site ! Flasbak, e-commerce in previous years Christmas 2014, where is e-commerce in France? E-commerce Christmas 2013: What progress for this new vintage? Christmas and E-commerce in 2012. Entrepreneurs and businesses alike hope to see the results of their marketing campaign. So how do you effectively use Adwords to generate profit? LECTURE ZEN adwords 1Updated May 19, 2021.

For professionals, not using the Google Adwords Pay Per Click system ( Google ADS since 2019) to generate traffic can be a major handicap. Figures show that the first 3 spots receive more than 40% of clicks on the web, which can translate into an increase in visibility, in the number of visitors, and therefore in buyers. PDF Download: Click here for a downloadable PDF version of this guide, which you can print out and use as a reference. adwordsadwords Mistakes made by professionals The effectiveness of this process can quickly be seen, provided that errors are avoided which would represent a risk of bankruptcy for the advertiser.

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Another condition is knowing how to set up an efficient and effective conversion of ads via Google. It should be understood that setting up a basic marketing strategy or creating free content does not guarantee the best results. The best approach is to combine the winning principles that will make your business grow thanks to the web, that is to say media owned, paid and paid. Note that a large number of professionals make mistakes that can cost them a lot. It is not uncommon for PPC campaigns to be poorly studied, poorly managed, and contain errors that can be fatal to businesses. It is particularly common for companies or advertisers to generate traffic to their home page,


Without however thinking about collecting e-mail contacts or maintaining the visibility that may result. According to another analysis, one of the mistakes often made by advertisers is to neglect the estimation of their Return on Investment. To understand the importance of this element, it suffices to consider the effects of a campaign which does not include any possibility of verifying the results. No professional entity aware of the risk represented by this operation will invest in it. In this article, you will learn about mistakes that will make all your efforts and investments in Google Adwords PPC service in vain.

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You will also understand that there are simple techniques to deal with these errors, and which will also allow you to choose the Google Adwords that will generate premium visibility. First mistake: not using the right combinations of keywords There are 3 categories of keywords that should normally be known to any advertiser using Google services: Broad match , Phrase match , and finally Exact match . The most common mistake that comes up is using the wrong keyword combinations. If Google offers the possibility of creating the key terms according to these three main categories, it is the responsibility of the advertisers to consider the relevance of their suggestions. Understand the differences between the categories .

This part will give you an overview of the differences between the three broad categories of keywords according to Google’s search engine classification. Le Broad Match : Commonly translated as a ” broad match “, the broad match allows ads to be placed in the results when a search is performed. Thus, your ads will be displayed regardless of the order in which the words were placed in the search bar. This implies that the results will show your keywords for any variations that may occur. Broad-spectrum query has significant potential when it comes to keyword valuation. It is particularly effective for professionals working in the fields of health and well-being, because it makes it possible to generate more than 90% of clicks by associating these words.

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